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March 26, 2009 // 6:57 PM
Beautiful colors that came from you .

Today started pretty badly and i'm currently feeling a bit itchy from all this sweat. :) I found out yesterday that it was decided that for the reunion that we would be watching The Unborn, the movie i said i would watch with Kitty + friends. After going mac fields this afternoon, i found out from Julie when i ran away from Kitty, she got really angry and cried on the bus. *sigh* Imagine if Kitty was broken hearted, oh god - that would be tragic.

Anyways, more about school. I GOT MY TEST PAPER BACK FOR ENGLISH?! Oh my freaking gawwwwwshhhhhh, i would've gotten 18 if i read one of the questions properly. There was this huge quarrel in class about this teacher being unfair but i think he's good, HE GAVE ME A 9 OUT OF 10 FOR THE ESSAY. AHEHEHE! But i'm still confused. Did i do good or bad?

Oh well. Today i was going through old school photos and wow have people changed. Practically everyone looks different to what they used to, wow. I used to be really cute when i was in year 3. ^o^ Yeah besides that, JENNIFER USED TO HAVE REALLY LONG HAIR! Oh those were the days. I also found this mother's day card hidden under a pile of old reports, i was pretty creative when i was 9! That reminds me, the screen protector on my phone started to peel off, yuck. I CUT IT AND IT TURNED OUT UGLY. :(

ANVI IGNORED ME IN THE AFTERNOOOON! SO MEAN! >:@ At least her friend was nice. HMPH! She only talked to me when she needed to get her textbook when she got off the bus - silly girl. The only reason she ignored me was because i called her a menace. A mencae isn't that insulting, is it?

OH MY FREAKINNGGGG GAWWWWWWSSSHHHHH! Wow, free tickets to ALL TIME LOW. AHARHAR! YOU ME AT SIX IN SEPTEMBER! WOOOO! :D Awww, Bring Me The Horizon in April, i want Michelle to go. :(

I should really get working on my Digital Media assignment, eh?

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