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March 24, 2009 // 5:08 PM
Coz i'm still fly.

Tuesday, the second day of the school day, what a wonderful day it has been. The day consisting of foot rubs, garlic breath and hand sanitizer. HMMMMMMMM... there's actually nothing to say about today, just another day really.

AHAHAHA! Julia sprained her ankle when running for the bus and to make it worse - i think she missed it. Pretty funny if you think about it. I can only think it's funny because i gave her a foot rub! SHE BEGGED SO MUCH AND IT GOT REALLLLLLLYYY ANNNNOYYYYYYINNNNNGGGGGGGGGGG! Grr.

KAROL WORE BLACK CLOTHES THIS MORNING. OH WOW. Sexy in black, rofl. She asked me for $1 later in the afternoon, which is not sexy. HMPH! What else? OH DEARY ME, i had to 'carry Julia'. She said i was putting more weight on ehr, well she asked for it! Well, she kind of asked, 'HELP ME!'. Ahehehe! Some people walk really fast. I tend to walk faster when i'm alone, when one of my walking buddies is gone, gone and away or i'm walking with a crippled girl.

OH YES! In digital media, Yvy wasn't there. She supposedly was at Parliament but Vivian says she heard from her sources, i don't know who to believe so let's just say i don't care - for now. At recess i found out where Vivian lives! To my surprise, she lives near my aunty's house! Pretty close to my house too. She wants to play tennis with this group of people. I don't know who was in the list. I only know i was in it. :) Aha, what's the phobia of balls? Contreltophobia? Nah, i'm kidding. That's the fear of sexual abuse which Vivian just adores! OMG?! VIVIAN HAS COOOOOOOOOOL APPS ON HER iTOUCH, YES AND iTOUCH. HOW AWESOMEEEE!

I barely saw Margaret today, okay only a few times, the few times we did our handshake! OH YES, i shall take a picture tomorrow. :)

Michelle tends to be really lazy when she talks to me! Am i the laziness attractor or something! :(

Isn't Wiggle cuttttteeee?! :o Awww, so small.

It's only a lie if it gets by, too bad it didn't get by - liar.

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