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March 23, 2009 // 8:37 PM
for heaven's sake, i see right through you.

Well, today is Monday, the start of the school week, oh yippee! -sense the sarcasm-

Today started off with me coming to the station real early! 7:40 TO BE EXACT - OH WOW, so proud.

I thought there'd be a history test today but there wasn't, i think the teacher's getting too old to remember anything thing because she said we would be watching Gallipoli tomorrow. Ahehehe! Yes, yes!

What i've noticed when i've come to Hurlstone is most people don't say very nice thigns about each other. Haven't they watched Mean Girls? REGINA AND CADY MAKE UP, GOSHHHHHH! We have to act like civilised people, not animals in the freaking wild. So what if you don't like someone? You don't have HAVEN'T YOU HEARD OF SHARING THE LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE? OH JEEEBUS! The things i need to teach. LOVE NOT HATE, NOOBS. Hating someone won't ever change them, it'd probably even make them worse. Just make an effort to be nice to someone, if they don't change their ways then you'll just be the better person.

I called Teuly today with my first intention of calling Michelle. I love phone calls with Teuly, there's always something to laugh about after! Okay, here it goes. There's like a whole list of funny from Teuly today.
List of stupid & funny stuff she said and did (yes, there's a whole list):
- She wasn't going to the pool to swim but to survey the swimming community for an 'assignment'. More like an excuse to see men in speedos. ;)
- She didn't know what to wear since she was going to the pool to survey people. lol
- She went to find something to wear and her mum packed all her summer clothes and now she has, as i recall, 'all wooly stuff'. AHAHAHA! I she has wooly underpants too, eh?
- She continued to look for something cooler to wear, she found jeans. Then she said, 'Hey, if 3/4 pants are called 3/4 pants. Then what's half jeans? Half quarters?'. AHAHAHAAHAHHA!
- She put them on and said, 'I haven't worn pants in ages'. I wonder why? SHE'S NAKED ALL THE TIME. AHARHARHAR!! :D

Oh, i love Teuly. :) The whole time she was talking i was having stomach pains from laughter.

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