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March 22, 2009 // 6:38 PM

Hello young children. :)

Today i had tutor. SIGH OH SIGH. I even skipped breakfast this morning?! WHAT IS HAPPENING?! I NEVER SKIP A MEAL! OH DEAR, OH DEAR. *sigh I'm gonna get real fat if my metabolism suddenly slows down.

Morning Glory near the station is having a sale. Yes, i bought a lot of stuff, well just a pencil case, 2 cards, a mirror, this tofu toy thingy and ... stars. :) ALL COST ME NINE DOLLARS AND SOMETHING. OH YEAH. (HH) OH-MY-FREAKING-GOODIES! VANS WERE HALF PRICE AT PSC .. there was only one pair left, guess what? They were only $45! BUT.. THEY WERE TOO TIGHT. DAMN YOU LAST PAIR, DAMN YOU. I had this vegetarian wrap for lunch, it was yummy. :)

Don't you hate it when you get those chain mails? Some of them are so depressing and make me feel bad. SO I CLOSE THEM BEFORE I FINISH SO I WON'T BE HAUNTED BY SOME GHOST OR GUILT.

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