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March 31, 2009 // 5:26 PM
Oh, you'll never be bad for me.

Music is coming out of nowhere, and it's actually really crap. I want it to go away. I think it's because i opened so many tabs. Oh, wait! FOUND IT. IT WAS ASIAN MUSIC. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAH! I don't like asian music, i like asian people. :) I don't like Big Bang but i like their ... appearance. *drool

Anyways, on a more important note, i fell down flat on my butt and the groud was cold, as cold as ice. Nah, it wasn't, it was just cold. Wanna know why i fell? After Tracey and Julia finished fixing their damn hair(!), I asked Julia for a piggy back. Then i jumped on Julia. I have very bony elbows so i was digging into her shoulders, sorry. :) Supposedly, i was wonkitated1 Well, i was not! I JUMPED OFF AND FAILED EPICLY BY FALLING ON MY BUTT. Fully, and truly embarrassing. I WAS WEARING MY SKIN CREAM COLOURED UNDIES?! WHAT IF SOMEONE THOUGHT I WAS WEARING NONE IF I ACCIDENTALY FLASHED WHILE FALLING?! Woop-pa-diiiii-doo-daaaa! :D

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr! I had art today, art theory. I don't care if the horizon is usually two thirds from the bottom up, i don't care! Grrr..! The history teacher is scary, i thought she was gonna beat me for not doing my homework. Wow, shocker - i didn't do my homework. Woop-pa-diiiii-doo-daaaa! Bite me. Science was confusing, the teacher has ugly Onitsuka Tigers and has three pairs of them. HE HAS POO COLOURED ONES, AHAHAHHAHA! Poor boy. That reminds me, i need to get Vans. I remember trying on flamingo ones at Hype two years ago. Yep, it's true. I wanted them for that long. *tear* Anyways, yes, SCIENCE WAS SO CONFUSING, SOME STUFF ABOUT NAMING COVALENT COMPOUNDS?! He doesn't even tell you what the word covalent means?! WHAT DOES IT EVEN MEAN?! Let me quickly check... OH, yeah, he did. I just didn't remember. WAIT! IT WASN'T HIM?! IT WAS THE TEXTBOOK, grrr.

I really need to pay back Vivian her 30c. On the topic of Vivian, we were suppose to go Woolworths but then she got lazy because of the rain. I like rain. :) She went to Happy Grocery but before that, i bought some crappy bread from this crappy bread shop for 70c. At Happy Grocery Vivian didn't buy anything cos she didn't have enough money so she bought a pork bum for 80c in that Dim Sim shop. Dim Sim sounds funny. Dim-sim, D-I-M-S-I-M. Imagine having two children, one 'Dim', the other 'Sim'. Oh, 'DIM SIMMMMMMMMMMM!!!'. They would really get bullied at school. :)

I bought this banh he. It has a really strong smell but i like it. :D I HAD TO HOLD MY STUPID ART BOOK + FOLDER + CONTAINER OF STUFF. GRRRRR! I look so.. i don't know. I kept on 'almost' dropping stuff. Grr. I should really stop saying 'grr'.

OH MY GOSH. I SAW THE SCARY BOY AT THE BUS TODAY?! HE'S SO SCARY. ARGHHHH! He gives me death stares as if he's trying to rape me with his eyes. SO UGLY AND SCARY. If he weren't ugly then rape me with your eyes all you want but.. eww. SO UGLY AND SCARY. IT'S LIKE HE'S NEVER SEEN AN UGLY PERSON BEFORE! WHY SO JUDGMENTAL! ARGH! I'LL FREAKING TURN INTO THE HULK. ARGH! I saw the guy that looks really familiar today. I think he was in my dream like from ages ago with this guy who went on my bus yesterday. THEY LOOK SO FAMILIAR! One day i will find out. :D

LOTS OF PEOPLE GIVE ME WEIRD STARES!? AM I THAT FREAKY TO YOU? Especially the guy that turned around when my message tone went off. What a butthole, hasn't he been in the presence of awesome before?! WHAT THE FREAKING HELL?! I'm gonna investigate further into this! :@

How awesome is the Comedown? I finally figured out what 'i'd rather live than live forever' meant. Lots of people ask me that when they read my folder. I always say it's from a song but i guess i can give them a further explanation. :) Yay for me! I did something worthwhile today.

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