I have bitch face syndrome.

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April 15, 2009 // 7:17 PM
Becoming closer to closure.

Today i fell asleep, sleep while my cousins and my brother were playing a weird game. It was suppose to be violent but i didn't see what was so violent about it. IT MADE ME FALL ASLEEP FOR GOODNESS SAKE.

I went to my cousins house, obviously, today. It was so boring. I watched disc two and disc three, season seven of Family Guy. It was weird. I thought STEWIE DIED AND THAT WAS THE END FOR FAMILY GUY.. but it was all this stimulator thing.. yeah. Pretty interesting, hey?

I was texting Rae Anne all day. So sad. Awww! I kept on asking if she could go city tomorrow. I don't think she can, lol. Argh! This entry sucks, my day was boring.

I had pancakes for lunch .. with ice cream.. mm... I need to eat more. Awww!I wanna learn how to cook vegetarian food.

Proof that Michelle watches porn:
   - it begins with michelle,     says:
*im watching porn---

Of Machines are good. Listen to them. Nah, don't. You're not awesome enough, lol. Nah, you might get scared.. you wuss!

I gotta end it here. My brother is going to play games, what an asian. Games annoy me, especially DOTA. DOTA is ugly, lol. Please don't grab your gang and have a gang bang, pretty please? :D IT IS UGLY. UGLY AS YOU, THAT MEANS IT'S REALLY UGLY. Nah, i don't know who you are but it's still ugly. :) WHY WON'T ANYONE SAY ANYTHING IN MY FREAKING CBOX. I DON'T CARE WHO YOU ARE. JUST SAY HELLO. I WANNA SEE IF I HAVE SOME ARABIC STALKER. 8) I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHO'S READING. WHAT IF YOU'RE A POTENTIAL RAPIST OR CYBER BULLY?! TAG FOR GOODNESS SAKE. NAH, you don't have to. :)