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April 23, 2009 // 8:07 PM
Don't say we're not meant to be, you and me.

Yes, Danica's tongue says hello, rofl. THE PENIS TONGUE I MIGHT ADD!! What's so funny?! It does look like a penis. :( I SWEARRRR! I hate it when people do that! WHAT'S HAPPENED TO .. ERR.. OBESE TONGUES?! REALLLLLYY! D: Do you people think this is 'hot' or something?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!

Today was a good day. Okay, it was alright. :D Today is Vivian's birthday! Happy birthday to you! :)

I walked to Danica's house at like.. i don't know. Around 9? I thought that was pretty early but Margaret came at 8:30! WHAT A MAD WOMAN! Her mum had work, that's a good excuse. :D Yeah, i found out how messy and girly Danica was. SHE TAKES AGEESSSSS TO DO HERRR HAIIIRRRR! Goodness me! ARE ALL GIRLS LIKE THIS?! Well, Margaret doesn't take that long, like me. :) (HH) Danica has a messy room. Seriously, how can she live with it and my mum says I'M MESSY. I'll show a picture of Danica's room to my mum and she'll probably want to go to Danica's hosue and clean it, rofl! She's a neat freak, really! D: Anyways, Danica's mum was having a job interview so she came and picked us up KINDA late, KIND OF AN HOUR LATE.

We got bored so we went to Hungry Jack's. Yes, the one and only evil Hungry Jack's. Danica said she'd shout me something and i said i didn't want anything and she was like MY SHOUT!? I got scared so i chose something cheap. I wanted a Storm.. but.. A CHOCOLATE MILKSHAKE WAS CHEAPER. :) While i was telling Margaret about my recent dream, Danica interrupted me just to say there were no milkshakes. Oh great! I wasn't sad, not at all. I'm really not being sarcastic, really!! Margaret and Dqanica enjoyed their DISGUSTING WHOPPER MEAL! HMPH! :P I ate a few chips and had a few sips of coke. When the drink finished, i got a refill. But.. i don't think Danica likes my healthy version of Fanta! D: HOW COULD SHE!? 3/4 Sprite and 1/4 Fanta, you can't even tell the difference! Okay, you can, she did. BUT! It's still nice, i guess. :)

Danica went all nutty and wanted to play in the playground, what the hell? LOL For CHILDREN 120cm and shorter. SHE COULD GO. AHAHAHA! I'm kidding. We didn't end up playing in the playground cos that'd be embarrassing, lol. EVEN FOR ME! So we sat down instead and got embarrassed anyways with Danica's EXTREMELY LOUD SINGING. I had to move away, lol. Not that she sings bad though, just VERY, VERY LOUD.

When i mum finally came, i had to sit in the seat with the broken seat belt so i broke the law today! :o Then i tried sitting in the middle, it didn't work either. How horrible! I don't have very good direction so i got Danica's mum lost. Ahehehe! Well.. i thought i knew where Vivian lived but i thought wrong! *sigh* We ended up calling Vivian.. WITH MY PHONE?! I'M ABOUT TO GO OVER MY LIMIT TOO. Me and my useless calls. *sigh* PHEW! I just checked. I didn't go over my limit yet! :) I am such a good girl. No more calls and texts to people who aren't virgins. :) Yay!

When we saw Vivian come running with Wendy and Vanessa, we quickly followed them before we could lose them. We did catch up. Someone said, don't worry we have a car - if we don't catch up, we could always run them over if we do. :D Vivian and Wendy came into the car cos i told them to. I felt sorry for them, lol. Vanessa turned up at the hosue faster than the car! WOW! What legs!

Errrrr.. i forget what happens next exactly.. i don't have much time left to blog so i'll write in points! Here i go..
- We played Singstar.. everyone except me. :) They're just not ready to hear my sho stopping voice

Okay, gotta go. :)