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April 16, 2009 // 8:49 PM

Hello there! I simply wanted to share my news. Guess what? I have a new favourite song! It is so freaking gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood! Awww, so goood. It's becoming closer to closure by Of Machines. Seriously, it's so good.. if you're into the type of music i like. Seriously, it's good. It's so good i am willing to share with the world. I never share music to people like you, YEAH PEOPLE LIKE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!

Today I went to the city with Kitty, Sherene, Sherene's sister, Ashnaa, Ashnaa's brother, Rutuja, Rutuja's brother, Julie, Anna, Eunice and Jennifer. It was fun. :) I am independent woman! I went to the station by bus.. on my own. SHOCKING. :O I didn't die. I actually saw this really, really, REALLY adorable kid that didn't know how to speak yet but did know jibberish. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! SO FREAKING CUTE! AWWW! HE SMILED AT ME. AWWWW! :D

Omg! I met up with Kitty at Happy expecting a crowd of people but nooooooooooooooooooo! All i saw was her and her little Guess-bag-that-can-feed-a-million-children! Yeah, there were lots of people at the station. THERE WAS NOWHERE TO SIT. Okay, i lied. There was a place to sit. Yeah, there were groups of asians though. You know Cabra, freaking Asian town. I saw this guy that goes on my bus. He's big and scary, and sometimes gives me death stares. That is probably why i don't like most people on my bus. They stare at me. Just because on time my phone went off and it scared you a bit! Jeez, so judgemental. I am no emo freak! I'm quite happy! Most of the time..

Okay, i went completely off topic. When me and Kitty got on the train we found the group, yeah. The train ride didn't feel that long.

- Caps
- Found Julie, Anna, Eunice and Jennifer
- Stopped by an asian shop
- Bought a Hello Kitty ring (awesome)
- Went to eat - me & Jennifer ditched them to look at clothes where i then found my very cheap Emily the strange shirt :D:D:D:D
- We tried to meet up with them but got distracted.. clothes, yum AND VANS :O:O
- Found them at Nando's.. grrr...
- Got angry cos there was all meaty food, ew.
- Bought pide
- Went to Glue store
- I realised I left my wallet in food court
- I walked real fast to food court
- I found my wallet next to two boys (nice).. Mm...
- Found Anna and Eunice
- Tricked me into going into a lingerie store and simply left me there
- Took pictures with bras and underwear.. no clothes were taken off i must add!
- Somehow ditched Anna and Eunice
- Went to China Town with Jennifer
- Mm... Morning Glory
- Found them again but this time with Julie
- Eunice went to Morning Glory (snore)
- Went to Cocos where we saw the rest of them
- Ditched them with me whispering overrated
- Went to look at shoes, *droool
- Shopped somewhere else.. i forget where
- Jennifer bought a Emily the Strange bag
- Me and Jennifer went back to Cocos but no one was there
- I called Kitty
- Kitty gave really bad and stupid instructions
- I probably wasted $5 credit wasting my time talking
- Later we found our way following the yellow brick road, nah, i lie. We followed fountains
- Called Kitty again
- Sherene gave beautiful instructions
- Found them
- Got really angry at Kitty
- Pushed Kitty
- Went to really big Glue store
- Left big Glue store
- Bought a soft serve
- Got called goats by this man who was doing street performing for 18 years around the world, whatever! I've lived for 14 years boy!
- Went back to STUPID Cocos
- Sat on very comfortable couch
- Stupid Cocos made us late
- I yelled at Kitty again
- Got really agro
- Went all pms-y
- Got angry again
- Laughed at the nooby looking pictures on the wall
- Finally the girl finished cutting photos
- Yelled at everybody
- Walked really fast
- Got agro again
- Got tired of walking
- Took pictures
- Acted like tourists in front of a fountain
- Checked the time
- Started walking REALLY fast
- Almost got late for train
- Sprinted for train
- Made the train
- Sat on the stairs
- Listened to Bay One More Time (screamo) cos i'm awesome
- Took pictures of rings
- Lost camera bag thingy on train
- One old guy and a little boy said bye to us when we were saying bye to the group
- Left Kitty
- Went to mum's workplace
- Left workplace
- Mum bought mushrooms
- I asked her to go Vegetarian restaurant
- She said yes
- I bought food
- Michelle texted me about milk.. weird
- I got lost

Okay, i really can't be stuffed anymore with these points. ARGH!

Don't you just hate that asian girl on Neighbours? What a freak, seriously. She's so damn annoying. Drives me insane.

Aww, i can't be stuffed uploading pictures.