I have bitch face syndrome.

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April 17, 2009 // 7:55 PM
I am bored.

Argh, i seriously can't be stuffed blogging. I was so bored i searched for photoshop tutorials. So sad cos i don't have photoshop so i have to use imageready. So sad, i know. Anyways, this is what i did so far. Please don't ask me who that is cos i don't know. I just searched melon and skate, lol.

I am currently very sick of Teuly asking me what a melon is. She's so stupid. Hasn't she heard of Google Images? far out, she's making me send her this picture. Like.. what the hell? Making me go to all this trouble of sending one picture when she could just search it herself. She really gets on my nerves. ARGH! Do i look like a skating genius to you?! No, i didn't think so. I'm not even a genius in general now she expects me to be a skating genius. I am terribly annoyed.

- juliaa says:
*WHY ?!
*just say
*hey who u doing
*im christie
*where does he live/

If you take too many chill pills, will you get a cold? If you were wondering, yes - that is me trying to be funny. So, was it funny?