I have bitch face syndrome.

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April 13, 2009 // 11:37 AM
Oh, my soul is singing.

I am currently bored out of my mind. More bored than i usually am and i thought my usual boredom was the limit.

Tomorrow is the reunion and only like 14 people are going out of 27. That isn't a reunion. Shame on those people! I am getting really tired about talking the reunion! It better turn out good. I don't want to watch a damn movie.

Teuly is so annoying. I call her, the conversation starting out good but ends with her telling me that she won't go to the reunion if i don't persuade Julia to go. Am i nothing? Am i not important? Am i not your friend that also left? Don't you care? Far out! I'm very disappointed that Teuly wouldn't go if Julia didn't go but i did. Why would she do that? I'd go if i were in her situation. maybe cos i'm nicer than her. JEEZ, SHE'D BETTER GO OR I'LL GO TO HER HOUSE AND SMASH HER FACE INTO THE FREAKING WALL AND NOT SAY SORRY, TUBBY!

Today me and Michelle, SADLY did not have a texting marathon. *Sighohsigh* Instead, we talked for a very long time. On Michelle's brthday we planned to eat at Cabra then hang at park all day in Warwick Farm. Now the plan has changed. She wants to go to the Tree Of Life and be a hippie. Hippies are cool. OH YAY! I GET TO GO TO BORDERS AND READ MAGAZINES! I just hope they have Kerrang! :) LIKE IN PARRA. *drooooooooooooooooooooool* I love the music magazine section. :) I just realised.. it'll be the first time i go to Mac Square... properly. :O I neeed to buy batter for the cakes i'm making for Michelle. I'm gonna make Michelle so fat she explodes.. muahaha! It's just the way i am, the way of the wicked witch!

Why do people like Country Road bags? A question i have been asking since they became a fad, a very silly fad. They're not that pretty. Why do people buy them? Is it actually because they like it? Is it because they want to be in the 'it' crowd? Oh this question may never be answer. Maybe it's just one of those things...

Julie is a funny girl.

Michelle says:

Q: How awesome are All Time Low?
A: Very awesome. :)
Just one fix
To keep me in the mix
And I'm still strung out on you
Drove all night
I'm a deer in your headlights
What's left of me you'll swallow soon
Too much of you is never enough

Awwww, buying tickets to are so confusing. I still don't get this moshtix thing! Arghhhhh! MICHELLLEEEEE, GET ME THOSE TICKETS. :( I'M MAKING YOU BABYCAKES! I'd still make you babycakes.. anyways BUT STILL! :O Awwww, i can see it now. Me in the crowd full of screaming fans dancing to Six Feet Under The Stars, the first song i ever heard from them. Oh, make that dream come true. :) AND NO, ALL TIME LOW IS NOT OVERRATED. Oh, stay awake is a good song by them. Awww, they're so good. Alex's voice is so niceeee, awwwww!

I like Bring Me The Horizon. I like You Me At Six too. I like Alex Pettyfer. I like Kate Nash. Oh, how i just adore the English.