I have bitch face syndrome.

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April 18, 2009 // 8:00 PM
I have an addiction. No, the addiction is not you.

I have an addiction. No, the addiction is not you.
I am addicted to downloading music. Not exactly addicted but i go too far when i download music. I can't download just one song, i know, there is something really wrong with me and it's not because i don't eat freaking chicken. STUFF YOU CHICKEN LADY! I hate that woman, so offensive. MAYBE THERE'S SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOU, FOR GOODNESS SAKE.

I went to my cousins house today. I texted Michelle a lot and her mum asked if i have a lot of time on my hands. To answer that question, yeah, i do. I could be doing useful stuff but i just don't cos i'm lazy.

I really can't be stuffed to blog. Nothing happened today.. except i found out my cousin is really afriad of Vitamin E cream and baby powder.

I feel irritated and i don't know why. I already just had my period too. What the hell this?! It's definitely not premenstrual syndrome! Is there such thing as AFTERmenstrual syndrome? If there is, then i'm suffering from it.

I'm bored and i need to do homework.