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April 1, 2009 // 4:56 PM
I'm Only Laughing On The Outside.

I think i should blog about Julia today. Ahahaha! DEDICATION. Let me just type her address.. no, i'm kidding. I'M NOT THAT MEAN! BUT I THINK I'LL ADD A PICTURE! :D Julia, Julia, Julia. JULIA DIDN'T DROP ME TODAY! YES! SO HAPPY! ^^ Aharharhar! I leapt like a frog, so proud. I SHALL DO IT AGAIN TOMORROW! Julia touched a tree that was having an erection, lol.

Arghhh.. OH! I FOUND OUT WHO THAT GUY WHOSE REALLY FAMILIAR ON MY BUS IS! Okay, i haven't but i know what school he goes to. Weird, i don't know any Cabra people. Weirdddd! Me and my freaky past lives.

DRILLBIT TAYLOR! DR. ILLBIT - ROFLMAO! So funny, i love that guy that reminds me of Nicholas. Nicholas, what a noob. I remembered he played with these Bakugan things, ahahahahaha.

THAT REMINDS ME! The reunion date has been finalised! IT'S ON THE 14TH OF APRIL ON A TUESDAY! :D What surprised me that Natalie's going, going by train. Oh the shock! This is gonna be awesome. Most peopele can go... supposedly. Oh, we shall be reunited again. I just haven't told Kabhi yet, ahahaha. I was suppose to tell him last week but of course i didn't. :) I think i'm gonna finish it off here. :D

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