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April 12, 2009 // 8:41 PM
Lost & insecure, you found me, you found me.

Hello there.

Once again, today i had a texting marathon with Michelle. I know, we take advantage of this free virgin to virgin thing! Her uncle said something about toothsticks? LOL Oh, how awesome asians are.

Hmmmm! I HAD TUTOR TODAY. :O WHAT A JOY IT WAS. Nahhhh, it was alright. I ACTUALLY WAS LISTENING. I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF. :) But then i didn't listen later on... woops. I GOT MORE EASTER EGGS. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE RESSURECTION OF JESUS HAS TO DO WITH CHOCOLATE EGGS AND THE EASTER BUNNY. Wow... how did this stereotypical easter establish.. hmm.. maybe i'll research it later. :) Nah, i won't too lazy!

What else did i do? Oh wow, i have had such a sad holiday so far.. BESIDES YESTERDAY! :D Hmmm.. I didn't go out to the shop cos.. mm.. no one came out to the shop. Great for them, BOREDOM FOR ME! *sigh*

I WATCHED CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPAHOLIC. SO FUNNY! THE GIRL WITH THE GREEN SCARF! AHEHEHE! And, and, and! DON'T MESS WITH THE ZOHAN.. which was pretty disappointing because i was expecting something better! Awww, so sad.

I had McDonald's. I know, so shameful. I wanted the happy meal with pasta cos i can eat it but instead my cousin got me six freaking nuggets that chickens died for. GRR! So i ate all my brother's chips and HE ATE 12 NUGGETS. SERIOUSLY, WHAT IS WRONG WITH HIM? He always talks about ppointless stuff i never care about, it kinda annoys me. My parents are always on his side cos he's younger than me. I was that age onec but they never stood up for me like that. He's so dependent sometimes. 'GO MAKE ME MI GORENG' God, make it yourself! GRR.

Nacho Pop is coming to my brother's school? Oh what a shock. He has the most gangster-est VOICE! :O I'D LOVE TO HAVE HIS VOICE. :D Ewwww.. my brother just said that Khali guy is coming. He's not that great cos i have actually seen him before. Woopeedidoodaa! He has so many piercings. He's like a walking chandelier cos you can tell when he's around.

OH MY GOSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Reunion is in 2 days. Wow, what a shock. It's come so quickly. One of the planners is in the Hunter Valley, the other i don't know where the hell she is. Oh dear. I hope it turns out good. I don't wanna watch a freaking movie, even if it is on a Tuesday! WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY!! AWWWW! At least i'll know i'll have Michelle to rebel with. :) Mm.. let me see who may come. Crossing out the people i KNOW won't come. :) Awww! WOW, I'M THAT BOTHERED. :O Hey! It'd be a pretty good turn out if everyone who DIDN'T have a red circle on their face! Oh wow.. ahehe. It'd be freaking hilarious if Romario turned up but as Sylvian says, 'HE'S ASIAN!', lol. I don't know about Sean so. Oh, it'll be fun. NATALIE'S GOING. AHARHAR.

For some strange reason after remembering Natalie. I remember the time where Teuly and Julia were trying to rape me. They were trying to pick my brains out i thin. o_o" It was.. err.. an interesting experience and something i don't want to experience again, lol. SERIOUSLY, RAPE?!

Wow, i tied my hair into pig tails. I feel like a little six year old! :)

OMG?! DID I MENTION ANYTHING ABOUT SPILLING MY FANTA + SPRITE ALL OVER MYSELF AND HUNGRY JACK'S?! Oh, it was horrible. I feel so sorry for the person who had to clean that up. Sorry person who had to clean it up. I was served by this guy who goes Mac Fields, i remember precisely from his Teuly-like features. Skinny asian boy.