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April 7, 2009 // 6:32 PM
Naming the nameless.

Eww, my mum bought me this soup thing. It's gross. It doesn't taste very nice, it doesn't look very appealing to top that as well! Just cos i'm trying to be vegetarian doesn't mean i no longer have taste buds. :(

About my day, i had maths first. How sad. God, i'm so lazy these days! I can't be bothered doing homework! :( I think i'm gonna fail. *sigh* Anyways, maths was boring. The teacher used to be cool, now he's UNCOOL. GOD! HE KEEPS WALKING AROUND TO CHECK IF EVERYONE'S DOING THEIR WORK! WHO DOES THAT? :( Argh! He's gay.. supposedly. Meh! WHO CARES.

THEN I HAD ENGLISH. MRS 'PINNO' IS AWESOME. SHE'S NICE. :) She has white hair... lol. BUT she has really nice skin for a 47 year old! VERY NICE. NICER THAN A BABY'S BOTTOM! Yeah, i have to watch at least 3 BLOODY WESTERN FILMS AS HOMEWORK DURING THE HOLIDAYS. GRRR... luckily Danica said i should go to her house and have some sort of movie marathon with good movies in between. Pretty good idea. At least i can laugh at her noobiness! Muahaha! SHE LIVES SO CLOSE TO ME! Well, YEAH! SHE DOES?! :O NEAR HUNGRY JACK'S. OH THE SHOCK! Besides that, i have to study as well and most importantly finish reading Shane. OH MY BLOODY GOODNESS! DANICA READS SO FREAKING FAST. WE READ AT THE SAME TIME BUT SHE ENDS UP READING 3 PAGES AHEAD. DAMN HER! HMPH!

Oh, PE. We were learning about food disorders. I DID MY STUPID HOMEWORK FOR FREAKING NOTHING! ARGH! I ACTUALLY DID IT! Mm.. me and Michelle have swaped roles. I used to do my homework like a freak but now it's the opposite. Now she tells me off for not doing homework! SO SAD.

ART YOU ASK? Art was messy, i loked like a freak. I GOT PAINT ON MY PAINTS. *tear I DIDN'T WASH MY HANDS TILL I GOT HOME! :P

Digital Media was bludgy as always.I was expecting to do my presentation on Mozilla Firefox and didn't even end up doing it because the teacher lost her usb? What a noob, reminds me of Michelle, lol. Yvy wore the same jeans as me today! I didn't even notice in the morning. She asked me if we were wearing the same pants and i was like.. no. I guess i was wrong then. Mine were uglier.. i fit mine better! YVY HAD TO ROLL THEM UP. AHARHAR TO YOU! I HAVE LONGER LEGS. :) Vivian had nerdy glasses which were not given back to its rightful owner!

I saw this OTHER guy that looked familiar again. What the hell is wrong with me? Do i dream of people that i will see at the bus stop or something? What the hell is this? GOSH. Mm.. oh yes! THERE'S VANS MAN NUMBER TWO! My family doctor's son, lol. DAMN HIM. I HAVE TO SEE THOSE STUPID SHOES ON HIS STUPID FEET. STUPID BOY. GAWWSH! My iPod died in the morning so i had nothing to listen to except for this stupid music that these stupid people were listening to. No, i will not kiss you through the freaking phone you little hole of a butt! IDIOTS, I HATE THAT SONG. IT DOESN'T EVEN MAKE SENSE. It's like saying let's have sex through the freaking phone. How the hell does that work? STUPID SOULJA BOY. ARGH!

I called Teuly today! What a beautiful 2 minute conversation! Ilona liked my birthday present! WOOPEE! :D I thought it was pretty ugly but everyone has their opinions. Teuly said she doesn't have any artistic skill so she thinks everything's beautiful. AHEHEHE! Sylvian didn't see it because she was FREAKING AT THE CITY IN THE FREAKING IMAX THEATRE WATCHING FREAKING MONSTER VS ALIENS IN FREAKING 3D. DAMN HER!

I downloaded Punks Goes Pop Volume II and some other random songs from these bands, lol. What a progressive and productive day! :)

I really need new shoes. I'm getting sick of my chucks, every week, knowing i'm gonna wear one of the three pairs i have. How sad. :( I want those Vans. LIKE THE ONES AT PSC. FREAKING TOO SMALL. DAMN YOU PSC, DAMN YOU. Only $45 as well. *tear*

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