I have bitch face syndrome.

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April 29, 2009 // 6:01 PM
Nothing Says 'I Love You' Like A Restraining Order

I learnt a strange thing from a lesbian, freakazoid, drug addict named Vivian Huynh today. Ahaha.. she's such a freaky mother, lol.

I'm bored. I'm trying to do my art assignment. WHAT A FREAKING JOY!

Michelle is a freak. She picks her belly button, yeah, whatever, right? She sniffs it and she said it smelt like plastic.. errr... what the hell?! LOL She also she said.. she'd pash Jason YIN.. errr.. A FREAK! I SWEARRRRR! SHE ALSO WAS CONTINUOUSLY PICKING HER NOSE. AHAHAHAHAHA! I'm bored.

I'm gonna stop now, only cos i'm aawesome. :)