I have bitch face syndrome.

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April 21, 2009 // 8:01 PM
Unholy Confessions.

I am no lesbian! MICHELLE'S MOTHER THINKS SO?! :O Well, when i was on the phone with Michelle - once again! She told me that her mum said to her 'ARE YOU LESBIAN WITH HER?!' when she was texting me. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! FREAKING HILARIOUS. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! SOOO FUNNNNNNYYYY! Her mum actually said that.. the exact phrase. It sounds like something Michelle would say, aha. That just made my day. AHAHAHAHA!

I woke up this morning thinking i would see Michelle at Cabra at 12 but, i i called her and she said she wouldn't go. Since i'm such an understanding friend i said okay. I am so terribly nice. :) I woke up only cos i heard Tommy at the door. DAMN THAT CHILD! I NEED MY UGLY SLEEP. D:
I went Bao's house.. again. I PLAYED DS FOR LIKE MOST OF THE DAY. HOW SAD! I played Animal Crossing again! ONLY COS I'M AWESOME. :D Chow went over my house and gave it a 3 stars out of 5. HOW COULD.. ERR.. IT?! D: I went home at like 2 to eat rice like an Asian. I ended up staying at home instead of going back to Bao's. I got distracted.. i was talking to Michelle, aha. I forget what about. I only remember the thing about being gay, lol. We talked for 116 minutes. I have the greatest memory.. wait, no i don't. :D I remember! I SAID SOMETHING ABOUT GUYS ARE THE SAME AS GIRLS BUT THEY DON'T HAVE VAGINAS AND HAVE PENISES INSTEAD. Oh wait, it's all coming back to me! Oh no, it ran away. Don't worry. I would've bored you to death!

Michelle had to go cos her mum came home so i called Teuly. I got hungry again so i made noodles. IT COST ME $1.20 AND IT TASTED HORRIBLE. I read Frankie and they said it was good so i trusted them... NEVER TRUST A WHITE PERSON WHEN TALKING ABOUT NOODLES. YOU GOTTA KEEP IT WITH THE ASIANS. ARGH! NOODLE S ARE A SERIOUS BUSINESS! Okay, i'll stop now. I sound like that duck in Kung Fu Panda! D: Anyways, Teuly said the conversation started out good but then it just ended badly. Stupid, stupid girl! It wasn't that bad! I only said hot alot! DAMN THOSE EXPENSIVE NOODLES! :@

- it begins with michelle, says:
*i used to eat
*use *
- it begins with michelle, says:
- it begins with michelle, says:
*but it ran out D:D:

Guess what? I'm bored.