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April 14, 2009 // 6:20 PM
What Are You Doing, Man? That's Weird!


The reunion was tragic. I've been blogging about it for ages and it was total.. CRAPAMOLE. GRRRR..

Well, the day started off with me texting like a mad woman with Rae Anne. My mum thinks i have issues. Anyways, yeah. I thought Rae Anne was going by car but later on found out she was going by train. Wow, oh, wow.

So, i met Rae Anne and Michelle at the station. Rae Anne was in yellow jeans, ohhhh. ;) Michelle was all frilly.. AS ALWAYS. I TOLD YOU. YOU'RE A GIRLY FREAK. :D We all walked frilly and yellow to Westfields, arriving late as well. As we were walking, we were talking about boobs. I don't know exactly what brought that up but we all ended up walking covering our chests... OH WAIT! I remember! I think.. i was walking beside Michelle and my hand touched her butt. WOOPEEDEEDOODAAA!<- Each time i write that, the spelling changes. :D Not like i'd want to touch your butt! MAYBE THOSE SCARY GUYS DID! :O I'll talk about the scary men later. What was i talking about again? Oh yeah, my hand rubbing against her butt. Yeah, that then brought up flat chests, a cups and big jugs, lol. When we got to Greater Union, there were less people than expected. Kelvin and Brendon weren't there. They wouldn't have made it more fun anyways. We took ages to choose a movie, AGES. We ended up choosing Race To Witch Mountain, paying ten dollars for ourselves and two dollars for Michelle. :)
The movie was alright. The girl had pretty eyes. The dog was so cuteeeeee. It disappeared in some parts, lol. Mars left straight after, that stupid boy. His hoodie was terribly annoying, just the hood itself though. When he had the hood on his head, it was all pointy, i wanted to smack him on the back of the head so it could be flattened. WHAT A WASTE OF CREDIT. ARGH, STUPID MICHELLE. MAKING ME CALL HIM AND HE LEAVES EARLY. WASTE OF CREDIT I TELL YOU. BY THE WAY, YOU HAVE A WEIRD VOICEMAIL MESSAGE.

When the movie ended, we ate. Yum. I HAD VEGGIE DELIGHT with Michelle. :) Yummy. Aidan eats funny, ahehe. SEAN SO DOES TOO. AHAHA.. well.. all of them eat funny. AHEHEHE! They also eat very slow. Aidan seems very photogenic as well! :O He came at like 11, ahaha.

Me and Michelle walked around but i forgot where to.. ahehe. Yeah, when we returned they were gone. Then we found them, it was no problem. They were eating ice cream.. err.. lol?

Arghh.. the reunion was so pathetic. Where did we go after? I KNOW! We stood around in front of this shop. This jewelery shop i think.

Then we walked to... er.. I KNOW! We went to Angus & Robertson cos Sean So said so, lol. THERE WAS A VEGETARIAN COOKBOOK. :D

We got bored so we went to EB. It was pretty boring. We then took a group photo with Nabhan frequently saying 'lets go' in the background, lol.

After that, i wanted to go Woolworths. No one wanted to go so the guys ditched it and went home while Rae Anne, Rafiya and Natalie went to Timezone.

Err... then we went to Gloss. Natalie got too excited and let Rafiya and Rae Anne paint her nails. Gloss - the place where Michelle took the stupid Mineral Powder. STUPID, STUPID GIRL.

When we finished in Gloss, Rae Anne went home. Then Natalie and Rafiya.

Omg, Michelle made me cry. Well, it was her fault that i cried. After taking that stupidly stupid mineral powder, i was angry at her cos she promised she wouldn't do it again.. when she was with me. BUT THEN SHE DID SO I WAS ANGRY. After doing that, she then took a stud. Yes, a stud. WHAT A FREAKING CHEAP ASIAN, EVEN I DON'T DO THAT. POOR PEOPLE STEAL TO SURVIVE. YOU STEAL TO GET WHAT YOU WANT. WELL GET REAL YOU FATTY. That's just low Michelle, real low. You take the damn Mineral Powder.. i'm already angry about it and you steal something again. Hmph! WRECKING THE ECONOMY. FAR OUT, YOU FAT BUTTHOLE. Oh yes, i think i found what i wanted to say. Michelle, i don't think you ever take me seriously only till i cry. Everytime i want you take me seriously i have to cry? What the hell? Yes, i was having my period at the time too, so maybe that triggered it. STUPID. I think i'm angry at her again, lol.

She went all quiet when i cried. Hey, i'm a sensitive person. Or maybe was having a mood swing.. BUT STILL. Yeah, she did go all quiet and walked real fast and gave me attitude. 'FINE! I'll give it back' Jeez! Well, you shouldn't have taken it in the first place. Not like you'll die without make up, jeez. MAKE UP IS FOR LOSERS, GOD.

Yeah, when i was happy again. We went to Woolworths.. no, wait. That was before, lol. Well, yes. I bought babycakes mix. I thought i didn't have enough money but i did. I have to pay Michelle back. :) CABRA NEXT TUESDAY, muahaha.

I called my dad later on. When i cried again while i was laughing. What the hell is wrong with me? Well, i told my dad to pick me up the station at 3:30.

Me and Michelle then went to the station. I was then happy again, lol. Yes, i think it was mood swings. We were walking and i found out Kelly cried when she was in England because.. it was too cold. That's even worse than me, lol. We kept on walking.. to what we first thought was some random thing on the ground, later finding out that it was a dead bird. Then.. we just ran for our lives to the park. The awesomely awesome park. WE WOULD'VE HAD SO MUCH FUN AT THE PARK BUT NOOOOO NATALIE'S MOTHER DIDN'T ALLOW HER DAUGHTER TO GO TO THE PARK. Awwww! It was fun on the seesaw. Talking about random things with Michelle, ahehe.

I looked at my phone. It was already 3:16. Oh no! We walked to the station past the tennis courts. Michelle was trying to pull this plant.. i have no idea why though. Such a freak, seriously! She saw this man and quickly walked, he didn't looked like a rapist to me if that what was she was thinking. Later on.. we were going to be in contact with potential rapists. I never walked this way before. We were walking suddenly these guys were like 'hey girls!' from like.. freaking 25 metres away (rough estimate, lol). Omg, we turned around. They were pretty big. I thought they were some couple that were telling us not to go across the road cos there was a car coming, i guess not, lol. We started walking real fast.. i think we both got paranoid and turned around again thinking they were walking faster. Michelle told me to run, run! WE STARTED TO RUN. Michelle was like, 'are we running?' while we were running, WHILE WE WERE BLOODY RUNNING. Michelle is so smart sometimes. I was scared. I might've sacrificed Michelle if i got real scared. You never know, lol. Aha, Michelle getting raped and me standing there laughing. How funny! I'm kidding. :) I was scared Michelle would get raped so i offered her a ride, lol. WHAT IF SHE GOT RAPED? :O I got so scared i texted her in the car. But before that, my dad didn't come yet so we just sat on the steps like hobos. It was pretty fun actually. At the end of outings they're always fun-er.. i don't know why. Maybe it's just me.

You know what i noticed? Lots of people like Bullet For My Valentine. I swear i saw three people wearing Bullet For My Valentine shirts. I think only one person wore a real one, lol.

Yes, that is how the day of the un-reunion reunion.

Visit please:
http://therescue.invisiblechildren.com/en/ :D :D
I don't know if i can go though.. awwww. I wanna go. :(