I have bitch face syndrome.

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May 21, 2009 // 5:33 PM

Say hello to Dylan, my future husband. Ahahaha - i wish.

Blehhh. I made this guy walk into a pole today. Ahaha, i was talking about the laxative effect of eating a whole packet of lifesavers. THIS GUY LOOKED AT ME. BLEHHHHHHHHHHHH. I didn't notice but then Shivanee told me. I said i didn't care and i told him he could bite my butt. Ahahaha! He walked into a pole while i said that. Ahahaha, what a noobster. Did i blog about this? I walked into a fat man. It was not a beautiful sight. HORRRID.

AHHH! The art test was hard, like what the hell?! I better do good in practicals then. OH MY DEAR LORD. Tea pots, i hate tea pots. I remember my tea pot last year - epic fail. AHHHH!

English was funny. Rak is a complete racist. Muahahaha! NOT GIVING PINNO THE RING. AHAHAHAHAHA!

Science was boring. The teacher made us line up outside again. Blahhh, it was funny at first then it just became a complete waste of time. I'm crap at science, okay?! THAT'S WHY I WANTED TO GO IN. BLEHHH.

I'm depressed now, thank Michelle. Thanks a million. Blah, i'm sad. :(