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May 23, 2009 // 8:50 AM

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Hellloooooooo. I didn't blog yesterday cos i said i wouldn't go on the computer. But here i am today, blogging bright and early. Okay, it's not that bright and it's not that early. I'm gonna shut up now.

"To speed up the erection" - Danica

BLEHHHHHHHH! MATHS HALF YEARLY YESTERDAY!? Omg! IT WAS HORRRRIBLLLEEE. I'm gonna do bad - i sense it. I don't wanna fail! I didn't really study. I just read over my notes, that counts, right? I didn't see the Jo twins and Aiden yesterday. That sucks balllsssss. Blehhhhhh. Julia did! GRRR... i wanted to see them. Ahaha, supposedly the Jo twins look like girls now. Ahaha, they've always been girls to me, lol, lol. Ah, i have a bruise due to Tracey's horrible singing.. about sex. It was weird. I was running away and since Hurlstone is so cheap and there's cracks in cement everywhere, as i was running i fell all of a sudden. it was horrible. Ahaha, people look funny wet. Ahahahaha, cracks me up. So terribly unattractive unless you're Miranda Kerr, lol.

Tracey likes toilets. Ahahaha. SOMEONE WAS SMOKING IN THE TOILETS.. HOW TERRIBLY UNHEALTHY! Blahhhh! I'm never going to smoke, it's like commiting suicide. EVEN COMMITING SUICIDE WOULD BE MORE FUN THAN SMOKING! It smelt disgustingggg. DISGUSTOOOO. TO TOP THAT THEY WERE SELLING SAUSAGES OUTSIDE. Like, what is the world trying to do to me?! KILLL MEEE?! Ahaha, sausages.

I took a picture of Ivy's legs yesterday. She has such a low self esteem. I think she has nice legs! Well.. compared to mine at least they're not hairy chicken legs. I'm jealous, she has a nice phone. Ahaha, her wallpaper is of her and her 'gay' cousin. 8 MEGA PIXELS! Wow, oh wow. Jealousy is upon me.

It rained yesterday. It made me depressed.

Enough about yesterday, i'm sick today and being sick is not fun. I officially dislike rain. I like the sound of it at night but definitely not when i'm sick! BLAHHHHH!

I'm gonna make history notes now! WEEEE!