I have bitch face syndrome.

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May 17, 2009 // 11:14 AM
I set my brother's undies on fire - just kidding. :)

I don't like ag. Seriously, ag is such a bore. Half yearly for ag is tomorrow actually. I don't want to study, but there is so much to study.. blehhh. I'll study later. I haven't even finished reading Shane either, i'm such a rebel.

Hmmm.. i had tutor today. We had a test, i was full stressing yesterday, doing my homework till like.. 11. JUST FOR TUTOR! Blehhhhh! It took longer cos i was texting Michelle as well, aha. Strange kid she is. We read about some stuff about girls today who believe that being sexy gives them self worth. Aha, the writer used 'poo poooing'. What does that even mean? Well, it was from a University magazine so.. i shouldn't be expected to understand. Ahaha, there was this girl on this pole, she was upside down and i seriously didn't know which way the paper went.

Hmmm.. she sent me this really funny text. She wants a tragus piercing and it just shocked me. Like,
really? It looks funny.. well.. on her it would. She's wanted it for 'agessss'. Well, it's her choice, i shouldn't get in the way - i guess. I just don't want her to waste her money on something so small. I only say this cos it really would. I want whole row of piercings on my ear. It'd be like a voodoo.. ear, lol. Muahaha! IT'D TONE MY 'INNOCENCE' DOWN. Reallllyyy! How expensive would it be! AWWWW! I LOVE IVY'S SURFACE PIERCING. AHHHH! I COULD JUST TOUCH IT ALL DAY. IT'S SOOOOOO COOOOOOLLLLLL. I should take a picture. IT'S SOOOOOOO AWEEEESSSSSOOOMMMEEEE. You'd think so too if you saw it. IT'S AWESOME AS ME. MUAHAHAHAHA! I don't think she wants me to take a picture of it though, I think she should show it off, so freaking sexy brothheeeerrrrr. I'd never get one cos i'm too much of wuss but then if i got one it'd be proof to my future that i was freaking awesome.

After one failed attempt of tryi
ng to skate, i'm too lazy to try now. I FELL DOWN TWICE ON MY BEAUTIFUL BUTT. YEAH, THAT'S RIGHT - MY SACRED BUTTOCKS. The only filled thing on my body. Blehhhhh!

I think i should go on Myspace. I haven't discovered any new bands lately. Ah, i'm so easily distracted. OH MY! AHHHH! I think i've found the best birthday party destination would be on five days after my birthday, jumping up and down to the sounds of Parkway Drive. Ahhhh, i wanna go. I COULD GET A SHIRT. MUAHAHAHA! I like shirts. Aha, Ivy didn't get me a shirt. Didn't have enough money. Her and Andy saw a weird guy moshing alone, lol, lol. Poor guy. I could've danced to the Batman theme song. I think i may be a little obsessed with the Batman theme song. I know, it's so random. 9D ARE DOING SOMETHING ON BATMAN! AWWW! JEALOUSSSSSS.

Anyways, about Parkway Drive. I have a huge poster of them which i haven't put up yet cos i keep forgetting to buy Blu Tac. AHHH! AUGUST BURNS RED ARE GONNA PLAY AS WELL! AHHHHHHHHHHH! I WANNA GO. I like August Burns Red. The Architects are playing too, i don't know who they are but i have a poster of them. Maybe i should check them out, right? Hey, they're pretty alright. Weeee! Oh, now i really, really wanna go. It's in August as well, the month of my birthday and August Burns Red are playing too.. August - August Burns Red, get it? But seriously, i want to go. The tickets are already out. Only $37.40 as well! My parents would probably take it into consideration cos it's on a Saturday. It's on a Saturday at 7pm in Luna Park. AWWW! I COULD SPEND LIKE A WHOLE DAY AT LUNA PARK THEN SEE THEM. THAT'D BE AN AWESOME BIRTHDAY. BEST BIRTHDAY EVER. I hope Ivy and Andy's parents let them go, so they wouldn't have to sneak out! I want Michelle to go, awwww. I really wanna go. I think Parkway Drive is gonna be mentioned in every entry i post. Ahhh, i'll just keep complaining till my parents come to a decision.

Guess what? Today while i was walking, i noticed the train station being closed. I got stressed so i started to text Kitty. It was pretty stupid what i did, i was texting her while i was crossing the road. I know, it's so stupid, not to mention i could potentially get run over or even walk into a pole as i did!

What's up with the free loves on Bebo thing? I think it's stupid. Who cares about love, right? What's so great about it? By having a lot of loves, does it show you're popular or something, why do people actually join this stuff? Strange, strange kids.

Michelle is a very good bud of mine. Even being good friends, i still don't understand why she's so strange. For example: