I have bitch face syndrome.

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May 31, 2009 // 6:19 PM
I swear to god Lisa if i were a straight eight year old boy i'd totally be holding your hand right now.

Why?! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!? WHY?! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!? STUPID KID, STUPID KID! FAR FREAKING OUT, ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I hope you die, dig a hole for yourself and die in it. I'll fill it with petrol and i will burn it. Let you burn in it along with your sacred chlamydia girl. Her genital warts will burn, burn they shall. They will burn and they willl hurt. L337 KIDDO, REAL L337.

I went Parra with Ivy today, what a joy. It was pretty fun but there was nothing to look at. THE EASYWAY GUY HAD A FUNNY NAME, HE'S THE OPPOSITE OF MY LITTLE BLACK JESUS. TALL AND WHITE, AHAHAHAHA! Arghh... stupid kid. Anyways, i bumped into Mitchell and friends. I was totally stalking, i'm such a good stalkerrrr! Ahaha, actually.. i really am i good stalker. I did not intend to stalk him but i kept on bumping into him. Muahahaha! As i've said, i'm the best stalker everrrrrrr.

Hmmm.. where did i go after that? Hmm... oh yeah, City Beach where the 'cute CB guy' is located. Ahahaha, poor Ivy. She was so sad when he wasn't there. Ahahahaha! I SAW MITCHELL THERE TOO. MUAHAHAHAHAHA! Omg, there were these cute Rusty hats. Omg, i want one. THEY ARE SOOOO CUTE! THEY COST $19.95. AWWWW! REALLY, THEY'RE CUTE. You know?! The ones with googly eyes?! Well, those hats are very cute and i wanted one. MY LITTLE BLACK JESUS SHOULD GET ONE. Oh the shame. Ivy was looking at these skateboard parts and i was just standing there, pretending i understood what she was talking about. As i was nodding, i noticed this thigns. It was a 'cushion set'. Ahahaha, it looked like a penis. Ahahahahaha! There were to rings and this.. long thing. Ahahaha, penis.

We got bored so we went to SDS, we tried on a few hats. They alll looked stupid on me. Like, really. Ivy looked cute, oh damn. I want her looks. I'm jealous, okay. I'm not but like.. yeah. She's pretty. Damn her. YOU KNOW WHAT?! Well, when me and Ivy got tired we sat down. When i we got up the seat made a weird screeching noise. THEN THE ASSISTANT FULL GAVE US A DEATH STARE. WHAT THE HELL?1 ARE YOU RACIST?! IF I WERE WHITE YOU WOULD LAUH ALONG WITH US AND SAY 'IT'S OKAY'. BUT YOU DIDN'T. JEEEZ! Or.. geesss.. lol lol lol lol lol.

Then, we got bored again. SO BORING. AHAHAHA! ACCORDING TO HER IT WAS BECAUSE THERE WAS NO EYE CANDY. Ahaha! She's so cute, lol. OH MY GOSH! We went to City Beach with teh hope of CB guy being there. Ahahaha, he wasn't. Muahaha! He doesn't look that great. Just cos his pants are real low, that's probably why he turns her on.

I wanted to go Platypus shoes to try on.. well.. shoes. Ahaha, i'm fummy. AREN'T I?

I was full agro today. Like, fulllllllyyy. I scared Ivy and Andy. I'm so mean, i slapped Andy. I'm so nice to be around when i'm angry. I'll yell at anything in sight. I full played screamo music down the street. I'm such a ganga. Ahahaha, ganga ranga. Muahaha!

It's a beautiful day, now I'll be ok now that you're not away. Yesterday, was a terrible day, and now that you're here I'm ok, cause you don't know, how much I, I need you please don't go, you're so wonderful, this I swear, this I know, you, oh you, every single thing you do, I'm so proud of you, what you do, when you do the things you do, they're so you. So thanks for your help, you shine so bright, you are the star that's in my sky. And I am yours, and you are mine, whoa you, whoa you, every single thing you do, I'm so proud of you, what you do, when you do, the things you do. That's so you, and I'm so proud of you, that's so you.