I have bitch face syndrome.

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May 13, 2009 // 5:50 PM
kiss & chase

Thinking maps were made for us to follow You showed me light was near, The brightest light is here We tend to always cling to comfort Now I'm your greatest fear, the brightest light is here Hearing things we've been told a thousand times making judgments, selling lives $9.95 Teach me of the ways to tear apart this structure Screaming whispers, screaming whispers This land is bare, It's all so unfamiliar We'll find our way back home.

I am gonna blog today.

Blehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I don't even know what that means but i think that's how i felt today. COMPLETELY... BLEHHHHHHHHHHHH. So dead this morning!

ART WAS ACTUALLY FUN TODAY. SHOCKING! We painted on these big cardboard things. Yes, we had to do a dilute wash for the first layer. I KNOW WHAT DILUTE MEANS! :D I took a while to choose what i wanted to do. Then i chose something on page 138. Yes, i actually remembered the damn page. :D It was some guy burning some logs, lol. So interesting, right? Well, when i sketched it i left out the man. It looked like a whole bunch of lines basically. I don't think there was no point drawing the trees and logs, i painted random stuff over it anyways. :D I am so smart. I want to have art tomorrow! But art is on Fridayyyyyy. Ahhhhhhhhh! ART ASSIGNMENT. I HAVE TO WRITE A DAMN LETTER. Well, letters are stupid. I'D RATHER COMMUNICATE FACE TO FACE! HMPH! Anyways, i thought my first layer turned out pretty alright. Hey, it's just the first layer. Nothing special. Maybe except for Mitchell's. His was really awesome. :o Jealoussssss. But like, if I saw those paintings hung up and thought they were finished, knowing they were done by students. I'd think those kids were pretty messed up. Lol, cos they're so random. Really!

AHHHHHHHHHHH! MYSPACE IS LAGGGGGINNGGGG. ARGHHHHH! I hate it when it lags. :( AHAHAHAHAHA! People actually check out my myspace page, rofl. Well, the views went up the last time i saw them.

AREN'T OF MACHINES THE BEST? If you didn't watch the video i posted or even go on their myspace, you suck big fat testicles. BIG JUICY SPERM FILLED ONES, YES OH YES. SO LISTEN TO THEM!