I have bitch face syndrome.

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June 4, 2009 // 8:06 PM
I have 4 songs about clocks.

I'm eating curry. Oh damn, it's good.

You know what else i ate today? Sushi. I know, i hate seaweed to but.. they looked so good i had to give it a chance. Waste of money i swear kidzzz. NEVER EAT FREAKING SUSHI, DISGUSTOOOOOO. I swear, they just loook pretty. I think i still have half a california roll in my bag. I'll throw it out tomorrow, I PROMISE! Argh.. so gross.. really. I just don't like it, you might though. Most people do.. well.. most Asian people.

Julia didn't go late train today. It was awfully quiet on the train till i got off the train. Carol was high or something.. well.. she swung her bag then her glasses and hand sanitiser flew away. Ahaha, okay. They didn't really but they flew for a second. HER GLASSES FEEL DOWN ONTO THE TRACKS. AHAHAHAHAHAHA! She was hoping it was the sanitiser but it wasn't. She was so relaxed though.. so relaxed it was scary. YOU KNOW WHAT ELSE IS SCARY? Not knowing where your train and bus pass are. I can't seem to find them.. i think i left it in the car.

English was boring as boring could get cos i had Mr Jones. What was after english.. oh yeah! AG. I got my test paper back.. well.. part of it. I got 8.5/12. I know, i'm pretty happy with it.. it's only one part though. D:

I can't be bothered to blog now. Blehh.