I have bitch face syndrome.

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August 22, 2009 // 11:30 AM

I just thought this was pretty sexy so here it goes! Oh yeah, i can't talk for 40 hours. Damn, that's long. :X

So, i broke my silence. I know i'm an idiot. I just like talking, okay?! I had to start again at one.. ahaha. I WAS SILENT FOR 4 HOURS!!! Jeez! Now i have to start again. Damn, i'm probably gonna give up. Ahahaha! I think being vegan and no phone is enough, right? Yeah, i'm not NOT gonna talk. Ahahaha! IT'S TOO HARD. BEING VEGAN IS HARDER THAN STARVING.. cos you know? If you don't eat anything, you don't have to decide what to eat! Duhhhh! I probably couldn't do it though, i'd die. I remember once in year 5 i didn't eat my lunch and i felt all dizzy and dead in the car. Always happens! I just love my food.