I have bitch face syndrome.

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August 27, 2009 // 9:11 PM

I'm listening to 'The Pretty Reckless'. It's a band with some girl from Gossip Girl? You know? That young slutty looking one? She's pretty. Ahahaha. Oh, Taylor something. ;D Welllllll, the point was.. they're actually good. :) Just sayin'.

I'm was listening to CHINESE INDIE too. Shut up, i know i don't know Chinese but it sounds so nice and calming. Ah. They just said a few lines in English. Hey, that's a nice quote:

Could you stay

! Ah, what happened today? Errrrr.. first thing i can remember is.. MY HANDS BEING ALL SWEATY. I'M SORRY. I don't know if it was me or the other person. Oh boy, sweaty hands are unattractive. Creating Connections was okay. You know how stupid and nooby that sounds? Ahaha, whatever happened to good ol' peer support? Anna likes putting her arms around people.. strange girl. You know what's weird? Kumquats. Cum, cum, cum. Ahahaha! Kumquats are those mini oval orange looking things, fruits actually. Everyone seems to like lunch, trees, green and glasses.

Andrea is officially Andre. Pretty sexy name. Ahahaha! THAT LIBRARIAN WITH THAT EARRING IS SCARY. HE WAS STARING AT ME WHEN HE STARED AT ME. OH BOY. Everyone has a fetish for Ken. His name is annoying. KEN you do this? KEN you do that? Shall we do the KEN KEN? Oh no, I KEN'T. Oh boy, his 'dragon tail' looks like a lone strip of hair. Chop it off you idiot. It's just.. there. Like, you look at his face.. then you see this thing out of nowhere..

Speaking of pubes, Carol found a hair in her chicken and mushroom bun. I was sitting in the sun and getting tan while admiring the beautiful hair flip. Ah, so pretty. Carol loves pubes in her buns. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I found out she doesn't like Shakira guy too. He made fun of my eyes again. Freaking annoying.

Mr Peck is weird, he's scary too. I tried listening but Danica started talking to me and being such an awesome, beautiful, amazinggggg friend i listened to Danica talk. Then Mr Peck was asking me something but i didn't listen. I turned and i was like 'huh?!' and he imitated me. I'm not that high pitched.. AMM IIIII?! D: Damn.

Ummmmmmmmmm... wow. I have such a bad memory. NOOOOOOO! MUFTI TOMORROW. I'M TRYING TO SAVE HERE. DAMN, DAMN. I lost 2 pairs of shorts. Talk about bad memory.

Aiya! I don't know if my mum lets me go Soundwave. HER FAULT FOR NOT LETTING ME NOT GET A JOB. Hmph! How come Ivy gets to goooooo! Damnnnn. Bloody asian! Seriously, i wanna go. Smelly Kelly got her tickets today. Damn white girl! Ahaha, she got offered weed but rejected it. 8)