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August 9, 2009 // 8:12 PM
My mum thinks i'm pretty sexy.

Well, the day started off with being late because i was washing my hair, reminiscing at tutor and some ABAAB.

AFTER TUTOR, I REALEASED THE BEAST AND PART-AYEDDDDDDDDDDDDD. Ahahaha. Or maybe even 'Part A'-ed. Lol. Nah, i checked my messages. THEY WERE REJECTION MESSAGES. BOOOHOOOO. Michelle had to run to the station. AHAHAHA!! FATTY! LOL, she was breathing real hard. When she was at Cabra, i just decided to get into the car. Muahahaha.

Yeah, so.. first. I stopped by my mum's workplace. (H) Ahaha, i had to call her cos i couldn't find her and she told me this weird man was staring at her. Like full on, not to my surprise it's the weirdo, beer belly Vietnamese midget man! Oh boy, he stares at everyone. It's creepy. WEIRD.

Umm.. where did we go first? I remember going to Woolworths. My mum told me to buy bread. YEAH! Michelle told me to use some Papaya balm for my lips. I HAD TO CALL MY MUM WHEN WE GOT THERE. I DIDN'T KNOW IF I SHOULD'VE BOUGHT 2 LOAVES OF BREAD!! Oh the confusion. We went to look at lip balm, i tried some of that Papaya thing.. it made my lips worse. Ahahaha! I BOUGHT CHIPS.. SO DID MICHELLE. I BOUGHT THINS, SHE BOUGHT JACK'S. Stupid, stupid girl. :)

THE PAKR WAS SO FUN. BUT WEIRD PEOPLE KEPT WALKING BY.. there was this scary white man.. he walked by twice and we hid our stuff. HE LOOKED SHIFTY OKAY!? We didn't feed the birds. Ahaha, but Michelle did scream when birds flew over us. Freak. Ahahaha. WE LOOKED LIKE FATTIES! WOOHOOOO! We took pictures. :D Ahehehe! MICHELLE IS NOOB AT PHOTOGRAPHY.. WELL.. THE 'I-JUST-POOPED-A-PERSON' SORTA ONES, lol.

WE WERE LATE, LIKE.. REAL BAD. AHAHAHA, HAD TOO MUCH FUN WITH OUR CHIPS. (H) Poor, poor Julie. She actually came on time. I thought Manisay was there too, she wasn't. Ahahaha.

Ummm.. then we went back to the shop.


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