I have bitch face syndrome.

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August 24, 2009 // 6:30 PM

There's no sense in me saying that life doesn't matter.
It doesn't matter, it never mattered.

Far out, i totally stuffed up science. Freaking hell. I actually studied too. Oh my god. Like, argh. What the hell? I'll cry if i fail. Being the type of person i am, i couldn't cry. I tend to bottle up my feelings. Ah. I need to go science tutoring. Bleh.

Did you know.. Mrs Nichols is a dancer? If you didn't, MRS NICHOLS IS A DANCER AND SHE HAS FRIEND. HER FRIEND STUDIES WILD.. PIGS? Ahahaha! SHE RAPS TOO. That woman can do anything. She can pull of plaid and the Scottish terrier look! She can rap.. and she can dance! AHAHAHAHAHA!!! I'm kidding. She's a horrible dancer. I was so embarrassed and i turned away, rofl. She made everyone do a rap. Ahahaha. Mine was too rude. So i didn't do it. Yeah, it sounds like i was angry, but i wasn't! ^^

My name isn't Christie and I can not rap.
I don't even understand why we're doing this crap.
I'm no rapper, I'm no poet.
I'm gonna stop writing now. YOU KNOW IT!

When i came home today, i finished all my homework. Weird, right? I should do this everyday! :D YES! It is decided. I'm going to finish all my homework everyday. Yipeeee!

Imagine, one day, people decide to think metal is cool and everyone started listening to it. That'd be so weird.

OH, THE FEELING RETURNS! DUH! DUH! DUH! Hey look. Studded condoms.

So I'll just send you a postcard
By the time you receive it
I bet I'm on your 'hate you' list
Send you a postcard
Hope you can read it
Cos my teardrops ran and blurred the ink
Send it on a postcard
Give it a shot
My mind is sure
But my heart is not
This is so hard, to be so far
P.S. with a lipstick kiss
Send it on a postcard