I have bitch face syndrome.

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August 18, 2009 // 6:07 PM

Want someone to blow you? Ask Margaret. That girl blows hard. She said it herself. I wasn't there. Still funny.

Hey, Ivy's coming back tomorrow. Not like you care, but yeah. SHOULD I VISIT?! Ahaha, no. I'll visit on Thursday. Mm.. yeah.

Making to do lists are fun to make but, there's no purpose in writing one if you don't use it. YOU COULD CALL ME A TO DO LIST WASTERER! D: Freakinh hell. I'm so stupid. Far out, i full studied for the geography quiz and i got a freaking 16. I'm gonna slap my teacher.

Pretty, yeah? Like, oh my gosh. Original pictures here and here Ahaha. Ah, the second girl is 15. Damn. Good looking people make me jealous. Ah, i'm so ugly. Danica was webcam-ing with her friend today.. i could see my face.. i was like in my mind 'crap, why the hell am i so ugly for!? Argh. SDtupid Danica.. mm.. i like chips'. Ah.

By the way, i hate Kristen Stewart. I just like don't her. She looks like a complete druggo and slut. I'm sorry, i just don't like her.