I have bitch face syndrome.

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August 6, 2009 // 6:25 PM

Jeans for Genes day tomorrow. Muahaha. I LIKE THAT PICTURE. OHOHOH. I'M GONNA WEAR JEANS. I was a little high this afternoon so i wrote really ugly in my diary everywhere. Something includes 'MAX HELYER IS A FAT BOGAN', 'CHRISTIE IS THE BEST' and 'WIGGLE-WIGGLE-WIGGLE'. WOO! I'm a little cer-a-zayeee. OMG, I-BOUGHT-MELON-LOLLIES-AND-BOKCHOY. MM...

I hate it when people get so stressed about mufti. Ahaha, stupid. WEAR SOMETHING CLEAN. SNIFF -> WEAR. DUHHHHHHHHHH.

Art was like.. actually fun but i wasn't even in the mood. STUPID IDIOT, ARGH. SO-DAMN-ANNOYING-. SERIOUSLY, JUST GO AWAY. YOU'RE SO RUDE, SOMETIMES WE DON'T WANT TO HEAR YOUR DAMN YOUR BLOODY OPINION, SO.. JUST SHUT IT. ARGH.. kill every art lesson for me. Boo. :,(

So, the maths test i studied for. Well.. I'm going to end up.. getting a really crap mark as usual so MY STUDYING WENT TO WASTE. OH BOY. Then there was WESTPAC. Ah, i envy Vivian's nerd-i-ness. IDIOT KID IS SO SMART. She also isn't enthusiastic about website templates. Ahahaha, poor, poor kid.

Digital Media was funny. Muahaha. POO BOYYYYY! YEEEHARRRR! Ah, i can't find my colour pencils. THEY WERE EXPENSIVE YA KNOOOO!? D: Ah, i like Big W. DO YOU!? OH, THERE'S THIS TOP THING I LIKE. OHHH. LETS KICK IT OLD SCHOOL AND ALL GO BIG W. I wanna go. I'LL ASK MY DADDIO TO TAKE ME! AWWW, genius plan. I WANT FABRIC PAINTS. WOAHHH, AND PLAIN SHIRTS TO KILL. OH BOY. I think i'll finally do it. Yeah, i shall! OH, A PROJECT. :O These girls are just pro, ah. INSPIRED.. again. :( I could totally do something as pro as that.. right!? Ahhhhh, i've wanted to do something like this for ages. That's it, i'm going to do this on Saturday, FULFILL ONE OF MY GOALS. YEAHHHHHH!

I DIDN'T HAVE MY PHONE ALL DAY. I FELT SO EMPTYYYYYYYY. But, i am charging it now and read all 5 unread messages. Ah, I WAS ANGRY AT TEULSTAR THIS MORNING. AHAHAHAHA. I really do have anger management issues.

Bowling!? COMEEEEEEE. Ah, nobody in mac fields can't come. SO cut, they've all forgotten me. Ah. AT LEAST MICHELLE WILL COME.