I have bitch face syndrome.

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September 10, 2009 // 7:36 PM

Ah, don't you just love the GASKARTH!? HE'S SO CUTE IN THIS VIDEO. LIKE.. AWWWW. I love it how he plays with his fringe. Ah. (Y) Brings back the memories. IT'S FAVOURTIED ON MY YOUTUBE ACCOUNT. IT PUTS A SMILE ON MY FACE. (L) Ah, so cuteeeeeee. I LOVE ZAC. I'M SERIOUS. I like his.. hair in that picture where they're almost naked. Ahahaha. Damn, damn, damn. I wanna go Soundwave. Depending on Ivy's Hurlstone results. (Y) ALEX GASKARTH HAS A SEXY BODY.

This video is so sexy. AHAHAHA!! Oh dear, someone has painted nails. That's soooooo '05. LOL!


Vagina, ovaries, penis, foreskin, cock, science. 'OH MY OVARIESSSS!'

I DIDN'T EVEN HAVE TO DO MY ENGLISH HOMEWORK YESTERDAY. The teacher didn't check it. We've moved onto Shakespearean comedy. Oh dear, this sounds interesting. Ahahaha! People can make really sexy voices. AHAHAHAHA!!!!!

So, today.. I WAS REALLY ANNOYED IN DIGITAL MEDIA COS I FOUND OUT WE HAD MATHS. ARGHHHHHH! Who the hell told me that assembly was period 4!? HOLY GUACAMOLE?! THE HECK!?!?! Ah, i didn't bring any of my stuff.

Lunch was horrible. Dumb ass (H) end. Hmph, I WONDER WHAT YOUR ASIAN PARENTS WOULD SAY BRINGING HOME A WHITE GIRL. HUH!? HUHHHH?!?!?!?!?!?!???!?! Dumb freaking slut. I hope you die in a hole. I hate you but you're still good looking BUT.. I HATE YOU. HMPH. Slutty, slut, slutttttttttttttttttttttttt. I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU GOT A PLACE IN MICHELLE'S BOOKLET THING.. cock sucker.

Assembly was interesting. I was feeling pretty down, VANESSA HAS AN UGLY ANKLE. AHAHAHA!!!! Vivian was hoping Anna would sing faster. You could tell by her body language, the clutched fist, the constant fiddling, the angry yet sexy face. Vivian cracks me up.

Ivy came to Glenfield then Vivian ran off. WHYYY!? Poor Yvy fell down the stairs. SHE HAD A SCRATCH AND HER KNEE BLED. :O I didn't have any tissues.. or a band aid that she could actually use.

OMG, THE MUTT WAVED AT ME. Ah, made my horrible day. (L) Of course Michelle did too. I loved the present she gave me. It was like a scrapbook. Ah, THERE WERE EMBARRASSING PICTURES I WOULD LIKE TO PREFER NOT TO MENTION!!! Lol. Ah, seriously, the present is so good. So much effort went into it. Thanks Michelle. AGATHALOVEZCHATIA4EVZZZ. I like watching Silversun.

I BOUGHT THIS DRESS TODAY. I KNOW, i saw this dress online and i was like 'awww, cute' but i never expected to buy it. Like, it's a similar design. I WAS ABOUT TO BUY TSUBI JEANS BUT THEN.. THEY DIDN'T FIT. STUPID FAT ASS HIPS. WHYYYYYYYYYYYY?! D:

Ivy is an official scary stalker. It's kind of creepy actually.. she looks all innocent but she's a professional stalker. That emo.. now that guy. Weirdooooo.

You gave me butterflies and you had me at hello.

A Day To Remember are the best. Ah, so goood! :)

Veronica wants a sheep fashion parade. To think, people call me weird. AHAHAHA!!!