I have bitch face syndrome.

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September 5, 2009 // 2:45 PM

Awww! Isn't this just the coolest?! I know it's spring now.. but cares? NOT ME. I'm wearing a hoodie right at this very moment. Ahahaha.

Hey! THERE'S THIS BRAND OF SUNGLASSES CALLED CRAP. AHAHA. 'Crap Eyewear' Has a nice ring to it, right? Ahahaha! It looks cool though. Damn, i want a pair of Crap sunglasses. Ahaha, they're so cool. I HAVE AN UNCLE IN AMERICA, MAYBE I CAN ASK HIM. AHAHAHA! I'd look so awesome and stupid at the same time, rofl.

You know what else is awesome? PYRAMID STUDS. Ah, i have belt with pyramid studs. It looks so cheap. $15 from Jay Jays. Ahaha. I look like a nooby loser. THEY'RE NOT VEN METAL. DAMN! I still want that purple and black zebra belt from Dangerfield. :,( Oh look, studded jeans from Topshop.