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September 23, 2009 // 5:51 PM

Banana Hammock Beanie

So it seems i have decided to go camp. This better be good or i'll just dig myself a hole and die in it. Jeeeeeez. D: Only if nobody went, lol.

My mum told me the most hilarious story today. She said when she was walking to Cabramatta this 30 year old looking guy goes up to her and starts hitting on her.. not so very subtly either.

GUY: Hey, what's your name? How old are you?
MUM: Why?!
GUY: Because you're a sexy woman. I like older women. (AHAHAHAHA!!!!)
MUM: I can't tell you my name.
GUY: Why not?!
MUM: I'm married. I have a husband, i have children.
GUY: I just wanna know your name. You're sexy.
MUM: Me?! SEXY?! AHAHAHA!! I'm 50.
GUY: WOAHHHHHH. WTF?! Where are you going?
MUM: Oh look, i've arrived at my friend's house. -runs-
GUY: -walks away-
I knew my mum was pretty.. BUT NOT THIS PRETTY. AHAHAHHA!!!!! OH DEAR LORD. LOL!

HEY, it was all orange this morning. Okay, everyone has blogged about the orange-ness but JUST SHUT UP and continue reading. I thought it was the pretty sun but i only found out it was sand fromthe Northern Territory when i got into Anvi's car. AHAHA!!! She actually brought a face mask. Aww, poor kid. I should be the one wearing a face mask. ASTHMATIC HERE. >:D

I made some progress during art today! Wooo! Same for Digital Media.. kind of. I got 'project poverty' confused with 'poverty project'. Wait, the other way round. lol

I went to the library today, i know - weird. THE LADY WAS SO SCARY. She's weird too. She thinks there's something wrong with Israaq. AHAHAHA. She was like 'is he your friend?', 'is he okay?', 'maybe you should take him to the front office if he's not feeling alright'.

Hook is a boring movie. It has that asian guy from that movie. YOU KNOW. OH YEAH. TAKE THE LEAD!! :o AHAHAH. HE'S JAKE LONG. AHAHAHAHA!!! I DIDN'T KNOW THAT!! LOL.