I have bitch face syndrome.

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September 16, 2009 // 8:35 PM

Hey! The PART-A is tomorrow. Ahahaha. Mm.. pizza. Thanks Tracey for offering to share with me That's very kind of you. :)

There wasn't much stalking today. Just sitting and looking very lonely with Vivian. THAT COUPLE STOLE OUR SPOT. I don't like their public displays of affection, not really a great sight for me personally.

Happy birthday Ngoc. I haven't ever spoken to you but, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANYWAY! :D

Ah, i suck so bad at sport but in newcomball.. YOU CAN LET YING DO THE WORK. oh, i'm so mean.

HEY! VANESSA TOOK OFF HER BRACES TODAY! We'll see the new Vanessa tomorrow. ;)

I miss going swimming. Actually, i just miss the tank swimming instructor. Too bad he left. Him and his lifeguard friend workout. WOOOO~ HE SHAVES HIS LEGS. AHAHAHA!! That's so sexy.

Have you seen the guy on Photobucket? Where.. it says you can 'save your photo & videos'. Awww! He has a slight resemblance to the mutt. Awww. I haven't seen him since last week. AHEHE. I might tomorrow. I'll just casually walk past and say hi.. while i try to retain my excitment. Ahehehe.