I have bitch face syndrome.

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September 15, 2009 // 9:23 PM

Don't we all just love dancing condoms? DOESN'T IT GET YOU IN THE MOOD, RIGHT DANICA! AHAHAHA!!!

I was a little down today and i don't know why. Maybe i'm crazy. D: I SAW SOME SEXY UNDEWEAR. AHAHA, VANESSA. >:) I put a condom on a banana during PE. Such a great experience. The lube was all.. oily. Ahaha, weird. You know what else was more weird? Andrew blowing up a condom. Nice one. AHAHAHA!!! Kat seemed very nervous.. ahehehe. It was quite funny. WELL YOU KNOW WHAT KAT?! ONE DAY.. ONE OF THOSE THINGS WILL BE IN YOU. SO, BEWARE. ROFL.

There was this guest speaker.. and.. she started talking about Ashcroft High. Of course she doesn't live in my area.. BUT THEN SHE TELLS US THE SUBURB WHERE SHE LIVES! HEY, I LIVE THERE. >:) I shall stalk her. Muahaha. Vivian said she had an unexplainable smell. Well, she said.. strange but that's the same thing, right?!

I don't understand Shakespeare. Oh dear, so screwed for yearlies. Maybe i should start writing notes.. oh boy. D: Studying is truly and utterly not my thing AT ALL.