I have bitch face syndrome.

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September 2, 2009 // 8:59 PM

I WATCHED THAT REPRODUCTION VIDEO IN SCIENCE TODAY. AHAHAHA! Can i say.. cum looks like phlegm but white. I don't want big boobs. I like my boobs the way they are. BIG BOOBS ARE SO SAGGY. AHAHAHA!!! I saw this man with a moustache's sperm swimming around looking like millions of tadpoles! Sperm are cuter than A HUGE BLOB OF CUM. Speaking of sperm, Ken likes grabbing Danica's butt. lIke.. full.. SCOOPS IT LIKE.. ERR.. he just scoops. Very scary. Also, his name is officially Kennedy to let you guys know. HE CONFIRMED IT HIMSELF! Kennedy my friends, NOT KENNETH. AHAHAHA!! Love you Danica. ;D

DANICA: Kennedy! Kennedy! Grab my ass and don't let me go... ! <3

Vivian's an old woman that likes to tell stories. I am Christie and i like ruining her jokes.

I went into the boys' toilets today, it smells really weird. I stole some paper towels too. Muahaha. Sport was pretty.. how do i put this? Umm.. COLOURFUL? RIGHT? RIGHT? The sweater gang should know! I suck at soccer so bad. Damn, seriously. I can't play. I'm such a girl! OH WOW. I'VE BEEN CALLING EVERYONE 'SUCH A GIRL' LATELY. AHAHA, I'M SUCH A HYPOCRITE. 'You're such a girl!' coming from the girl that screams when running towards the soccer ball. I fell over when i tried to kick the ball the same time as Danielle. We both fell over but no one didn't seem to care. Ahaha! There was a lot of spanking and boob grabbing that sports session.. strange. Danielle, my poo girl/boy/it, you are the sugar to my lumps. Ahaha, HOW DEEPER CAN I GET?!

If I could see the future, I'd see yo
u and me.

Hey! JEWISH MUSEUM TOMORROW. Oh, I DID AN ASSIGNMENT ON THE HOLOCAUST LAST YEAR. Yes, i've got background knowledge! WOW, I READ HITLER'S DAUGHTER LAST YEAR. I actually liked it. I only like kid's books. Ahaha.

Did you watch the Simpsons? Awww, emo Milhouse. Poor boy. I'd be depressed too if i thought i lost my parents! LOVE YOU MILHOUSE.

Julia actually likes 'that's so you'. Ahaha, AND TO THINK SHE SAID SHE DIDN'T LIKE THE ROCKET SUMMER!! Just cos i was A LITTLE annoying when i was obsessed with Bryce Avary. Ah, his voice is so.. smooth. HE'S LIKE CHRISTOFER DREW. His old songs are the best. Seriously! They're all lovey dovey and sweet! His new album is coming out.. sometime early next year, right? Ah, can't wait. Actually i can wait. Muahaha.

To Danny Truong: I'm sorry.

I actually dedicated a sorry message in this post. I'm such a loser that cares too much. Ahaha. And guys, for next time.. sorry if you find anything i say offensive.. JUST RELEASE YOUR INNER BEAST THROUGH MY CBOX! Okay? :D I'll.. GIVE YOU A SORRY. I know, sorrys from me are beautiful. I'm serious. COMMENT OKAY? EVEN ANONYMOUSLY.. I'LL GET ALL WORRIED, ALRIGHT? WOW, I SEEM LIKE SUCH A SUCK UP. AHAHAHA, DAMN.

That reminds me.. hey! MANISAY, I FINISHED BRO CODE AND NOW MY COUSIN BORROWED IT. Ahaha, thanks for the book my little Manicure. ;)

I DOWNLOADED SPAIN! Ah, I love Between The Trees. <3

I, supposedly, suffer from bi polar. Thanks Michelle. P.S. IT'S NOT A POLAR BEAR THAT LIKES IT BOTH WAYS, JUST TO CONFIRM! ;)