I have bitch face syndrome.

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October 10, 2009 // 1:54 PM

AH, so.. i haven't really studied much. I've some maths, some science. I never did go to the library yesterday.. i think Julia and Jennifer forgot about it, unless they went without me. Ahahaha. Yeahhhh.. I REALLY GOTTA STUDY. I should be doing tutor homework right now.. but i'm not.

I went to DFO today. It was pretty tiring. I got Michelle a bag.. she's gonna pay me back of course. It's really nice but i can't seem to find a picture of it. It's too girly for me though. ONLY $24.95! Cheappppppppp! D: She better not get it dirty. Lol. I BOUGHT A MAN BEANIE. (H) I'll probably just wear it at home cos it makes me look bald. Rofl. So yes, that's the story of my holidays so far. Fail study, DFO and.. yes. Ahahaha.

Yvy's supposed to call tomorrow. Oh dear, i'm like the desperate girlfriend waiting for the boyfriend to call. Oh my. Ahahaha!!! Hmm.. what am i going to do this week.. OH YES. FIRST THING.. STUDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!! D:

To do list:
1. Study
That's the end of my to do list, lol. On Monday I'll go to thte library with Vivian to study for science and AG. :D Hopefully our study DATE, i repeat DATE, doesn't fail. Rofl. :P Then on Tuesday Michelle will come to my house and make stuff. AHEHE. Make stuff with the sewing machine, not stuff in my drug lab. AHAHAHA. Imagine me on drugs.. i'd look more stoned than i already am! On Wednesday I shall go Parra with Yvy and might finally get the Vanssssssssss. Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss! I HAVE $70 AND I HOPE THEY'RE ON SALE, LOL. I've been hoping for a while now.. ahehehe. I'll be free on Thursday to study hardcore all day and finally Friday i shall go city. MUAHAHAHA.

My dad just told me to tell him when i ahave a boyfriend. Seriously, me? Boyfriend? Holdoing hands? Smoochy smoochy? Errr.. no thanks. I'll just continue having fun with myself.. OH MY GOD. THAT CAME OUT REALLY DIRTY. AHAHAHHAAAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAAAA!!!!!!

I'm gonna shower now.. actually. I'm gonna change. Wait, you don't really care what i do so.. I might Facebook stalk for a bit before i go off. ALRIGHTY. TATA.