I have bitch face syndrome.

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October 27, 2009 // 9:02 PM

Hmmm.. so.. OMG. In art.. i stuffed up my teapot up so bad. Like.. i cut it in half but it's all crooked. AHAHAHAHA! And.. the nails thing.. well.. as awesome as it sounds.. wouldn't work cos i'm a noob. Awesome and noob don't mix!!! :( EVEN FOR ME!! LOL.

OH MY GOSHH. I'm no slut. :( I have finally seen the pedophile teacher. AHAHAHA. THANKS YVY FOR SAYING HOW SHORT MY DRESS IS. :( I'm no slut.. I'M TOO CLASSY TO BE A SLUT. LMAO! I miss my winter uniform.. not really.. just the length of the skirt.. well.. my skirt! So warm and nice.. NOT ROUGH AT ALL. ANDDDDDD! It doesn't fly into the wind so if some pedophile teacher comes along.. nothing will happen. ;D Vivian's quiz game is so hard.. and it was on beginner. :,(

Wow.. maths was unexpected. I did pretty okay compared to my half yearly. Seriously, i did so badly in the half yearlies so my yearlies seems totally awesome.. We did nothing in english.. we were supposed to be doing these sheets but most people failed to do that.

The only reason he walked past our table was not because he wanted to go to the communtiy languages section of the library. He really didn't want to ask those people , in fluent VIETNAMESE, if they wanted to eat. He only came to lay his eyes on you. HE LOVES YOU. Love you so much BABY. It is true love.. it can never be broken. Never, like never everrrrr! His feelings may be difficult to express but.. through those eyes.. anything could happen. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! If he could say anything to you.. it'd probably be this..

Weirdo loves you too.. unless he's gotten a girlfriend and that's why he hasn't been at the bus stop lately. LMAO!! Linda is such a babe. I'd totally thrust myself upon her. He's got amazing taste. I don't know why i didn't realise her any sooner! I'VE BEEN MISSING OUT. ROFL!!

As you may have realised.. my friend and i went stalking today, one of our very great past times. I COPIED OUT THOSE SCIENCE NOTES FROM DANICA'S BOOK. I'm such a good girl. (A)