I have bitch face syndrome.

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October 24, 2009 // 10:11 AM

OMG. MISS DIOR CHERIE SMELLS SO GOOD. Too bad i don't use perfume.. or it could be like.. MY SIGNATURE SMELL. AHAHAHA. Like Danica.. Danica has a specific smell. Smells like crap... KIDDING. I should get it.. FOR MY MUM. THEN.. i could sniff it all the time. Muahaha. OMG, HER BIRTHDAY IS COMING UP.. hmmm.. ;)

I didn't finish blogging yesterday so, here it goes.

This week has been so stressful. EVEN I GOT STRESSED. SERIOUSLY, I NEVER GET STRESSED. I was so stressed to the point that i couldn't even stand the sound of Tracey's voice (sorry Tracey).. I WAS THAT STRESSED. AHAHAHA.

Errr... I can't remember anything. Oh! I remember Margaret telling stories of how she went into a haunted house at Dreamworld. HER DAD SOUNDS FUNNY!! AHAHA.
Scary person: Blehhhh!!!!
Margaret's dad: HELLO. :D
AHAHAHA!!! It was just too funny. I think Margaret officially tells the best stories, roflmao.

Err.. I watched Danica's friends play cards at the library instead of studying? Angela is pretty good at 13. Well, that's what i think they were playing. Seriously, she's scary. AHAHAHA. She full killed the card.. bent it and stuff. Lol. AGGRESSIVE!

OMG. ME AND IVY STALKED THAT CANLEY VALE GUY. AHAHAHA!!! I think he suspected something cos him, his girlfriend and some kid were walking in circles. THEY SEEM TO BE HAVING A ROUGH PATCH.. i think. Lol. What else.. errr.. stalked the starer.. kind of. YEAH. FOUND HIS FACEBOOK TOO.. AND ADDED HIM ON MICHELLE'S ACCOUNT. HAZAAAAA! Success in stalking. I'm just toooooo pro. Lmao.

Wow, i didn't publish this yesterday! Ahaha, i'm gonna study for PE and digital media. Sad, i know. The best i probably did for yearlies was maths. I probably got OKAY.. better than failing, right? :(

I want ice cream tomorrow.. even if it's cold. CRAVING SOME! I would never guilt trip you Vivian.. so where the hell is my present!? AHAHAHAHAHA.