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November 30, 2009 // 4:26 PM

Okay, i haven't blogged for a WHOLE WEEK. LOL. That's like a million years ago. Just 7 days but still. It feels like forever. A lot has happened since i've been away. Hmmm.. lets recount today first. :D

Our group is officially doing Kris Kringle. Vivian put names in Genevieve's hairy hat. Ahahaha. Yeahhh. I kinda wrecked it a few times by telling everybody mine.. BUT.. I HAD A CRAPPY ONE. LOL. Now i have the crappiest of the lot. Okay, not really. Cos i know what to buy them. :D I'm curious about who got me. That'd be bad for them cos.. well.. i don't really want anything at the moment. Ahaha. I WONDER WHO HAS ME. I JUST HAVE TO WAIT TILL.. ERMM.. well. Whenever. Wait, we don't put our names on it, right? Oh yeah, we don't ANONYMOUSE. LOL!!! I LOVE ARTHUR. Best show ever. 'Anonymouse' is Binky's attempt of spelling anonymous i think? LOL!!!! (L)

What else.. i glazed my teapot during art and digital media was a bludge. We didn't do anything at all. LOL. I edited this eye but failed.. ahahaha. I full stressed out about getting my report during the year assembly but we didn't get it so.. it was good. I don't wanna get it. I failed english, for sure. :( Blehhhhhhh!

I owe Shivani $1.50 and.. i need to make 3 birthday cards, 3 presents. Oh my. D: So many things to do.. LOL. Not really.. I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE MRS CAVANAGH DOESN'T LIKE ME. BUT I'M SO LOVABLE.. AHAHAHAHAHAHA.

(mainly just the cabin)

Camp was just really fun. Our cabin was awesome. :D Yeah, that's it. I can't be bothered blogging anymore. I'll blog again tomorrow. LOL. TATAAAA!