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December 19, 2009 // 1:36 PM

From Genevieve.


Awww, how nice. COME TALK TO ME GUYS.. AHAHAHAHA. I don't bite.. but i do lick. I'M KIDDING. LOL.

Yeah, so.. like i said. I found some new bands. Okay, not really. I downloaded a few albums.. ahahaha. I haven't listened to everything yet. Ohhhh, i just downloaded Dananananaykroydnew album? Their name is so goddamn long and hard to spell, i had to copy and paste from iTunes.. LOL. I posted an awesome video before.. full colourful and like.. reminded me of drugs. Crazyyy and colourful. Ahahaha. I didn't actually have any songs by then.. till now. This is boring. You know what else is kinda boring? We The Kings? All of their songs sound the same.. maybe. I don't know. Maybe i'm just getting bored of them. Their new album isn't really mind blowing.. Mehh, time to find some mind blowing music. :D

OH MY GOSH. Okay, the year ends in.. 12 days? I hate it when the year ends.. and when i come back to school i always write the wrong date. So bloody annoying. Ah, all the memories i've had this year. :,) How nice. :)

YOU KNOW WHAT'D BE FUN?! TO SEND SOME LETTERS. OHHHHHHHH!!! LOL. I think i might do that. ;D I need to remember to buy a Christmas card to send to one of my neighbours. Awww, they're so nice. They send us a card every single year AND!!!! THEY ACTUALLY.. SEND IT.. STAMP AND ALL!!!! WE'RE JUST A HOUSE APART TOO.. AHAHAHAHA.. we deliver ourselves.. cos.. we're asian. :D