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December 16, 2009 // 9:16 PM

Oh hi guyzzzzz. Today was really fun. Our group went to parra. Well, most of the group.. excluding Michelle, Vanessa and Vivian. Yeahhhhhhhhh.

Missed the bus this morning. I walked to the station and i couldn't find Marge. SUDDENLY, I HEARD SOMEONE CALLING OUT MY NAME.. she was across the road. She made me look like an idiot. :(

Oh, i went to buy Yvy's present at Forcast. It was prettyyyyyy. (HH) We went to Bliss, then to my mum's workplace for moneysssssss. Yeahhhh.

THIS OLD GUY SAID HI TO US. D: I was sitting down on the ground, while Margaret was standing up, and he thought i was crazy cos he asked me if i was alright. I was like 'err.. i'm fine'. HE WAS JUST SCARY. Or was i scary? LOL. Yeah. I was yelling at Margaret 'YOU WOULDN'T UNDERSTAND, OKAY!?!?'. That type of stuff. Lmao.

Margaret tried to.. i don't know. She said something was small. LOL. ERR.. I WAS DANCING AROUND A POLE.. AHAHAHAHAHA. I'm normal. (H) Margaret's ass is huge just like her boobs. AHAHA. HUGE TARGET.. LMAO.

I wasted $2 on a drink. Margaret was about to buy this asian ice cream WITH MILK IN IT. You can't trust it! WHAT IF IT'S CHINESE!? AND YOU DIE!?!?! I saved her. :)

I never realised i had transitions. Shut up. Imma bad ass yo. LOL.. :( Margaret kept laughing at me.. so i yelled at her.. SHE SAID I WAS HURTING A LOT OF PEOPLE. Just cos i said we were sitting on the old people side. LOL. :( Then, out of nowhere, we see Danica. She runs and her boobs jiggle up and down. AHAHAHA. SHE COMES WITH HAPPY CUP! But not for us. Damn.. LOL SUDDENLY, SHE GETS A PHONE CALL SAYING THEY MISS THE TRAIN! :O We go anyway.

This is so boring.. ahahahahaha. I'LL GET TO THE POINT NOW. LOL

We met up with Wendy and the Cambodian. They actually went to the first carriage.. we were sitting in the second. I BANGED ON THE WINDOW.. IT'S PLASTIC. NOT GLASS. PSHHHHH. LOL. The people thought i was crazy.. again. :( I almost forgot to mention. I sat on the cum/discharge seat. Thanks guys. :(

Chica-da-bootttiiiii. Me, Margaret and Wendy are.. the.. ZEBRA GIRLS?! AHAHAHAHAHA. Danica and Liza did their own thing. They walk really slow. We linked arms.. then we seperated and this man told me to get the eff out of the way. HOW RUDE. WELL, YOU'RE FAT. SO SHUT UP. D: Ten dollahhhh guyssss. So da cheap. LOL.

Wendy can blog the rest.. or i'll blog this later.





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Did i tell you the story where this guy was like to me 'hey, lets go bash that girl'. SCARY!!! HE WAS LIKE.. SAMOAN OR SOMETHING. BIG, BUFF AND SCARY. SO I FULL WALKED FAST. This was.. outside the library. D: