I have bitch face syndrome.

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December 10, 2009 // 8:34 PM

Wow, you went over the limit.
Thanks brudahhhhhhhh.
Stupid Angela didn't even turn up to school.
Suck mah balllzzzz.

So, you can guess we did Kris Kringle today. It was fun. Everyone's presents we're pretty awesome. no crappy ones. :D Yeeeeeeeeee! :D I wonder if Yvy gave my present to Angela.. hmmm.. :\

Today was all bludgey. no work whatsoever. I hope we still have Miss Ross next year. She's pretty awesome. I remember when i hated her.. ahahaha. :) I DON'T HATE HER ANYMORE. I LIKE HER NOW. :D YEEEAAAAARRRRRZZZZZ. LOL.

Gotta scan Yvy's card now! Tataaaaa! :D