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December 11, 2009 // 8:50 PM

Wow, the school year's ended. Oh my gosh. I'M GONNA BE SO BORED. BLOODY HECKKKKKK! NOOOOO! Today was pretty awesome. Lets recap! Ah.. i remember when me and Yvy used to recap our outings. They usually didn't turn out but it was still really fun planning. (L) :D

- Roll call: all the PASS people were gone. Well, most of them. Most of our class were gone. There were only two boys, Kenny and Joseph. Ahahahaha.

- Assembly:
SUCK A COW. I'm not getting new. My shoes cost a hundred bucks.. YEAH. SUCK COW TITTIESSSSSSSS.

- English:
We had a 'laptop lesson'. AHAHAHA. IT WAS FUN. Mm.. Shivani passed around a card we all had to sign. It was sweet. Awww. CANDY CANESSSSS. MM.. okay. I got really sick of them. I ATE TWO WHOLE ONES. THAT'S RIGHT. Miss Sayad has nice hugs. Nice and huggy. LOL. ;D Aww, she was such a good teacher. I didn't like her at first but i like her now! :D I hope we have her next year. :\

- Ag:
We had to do work. I secretly played some Mahjong cos you know. I. Am. Bad. Ass. Ya'll. WOOOOOOOOOO! Mr McAlpin is scary.. ahahahaha.

- Recess:
More Mahjong. Mm.. :9

- Science:
Merged classes. LIZA DID THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ. SO BLOODY NERVE WRACKING. AHAHAHAHAHAHA. Danica played Pacman.. she's actually good. I cna't get past level 1. LOL. Shameee... Jacqueline was watching Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging. REOWWWW. Vivian watched Glee. Oh yesss. At around the end of the lesson.. we played with fire. Well, we watched Rak's boyfriend make fire. IT WAS AWESOME. He full boiled some wax in a testtube and released it. It was awesome. We all had to evacuate.. ahahahahahaha. Mr Peck and Mr Trotter (could he got any hotter? AHAHAHAHAHAHA) made some really fail rockets. I expected a huge BOOM! So i covered my ears.. it was more of a poof. It would've been a good time to take pictures. :\

I gaveeee MRS JOHNSON A CANDY CANE. AS CHEAP AS I AM, I LOVE THE FEELING OF GIVING.. EVEN IF I DIDN'T PAY FOR THE PRESENT I WAS GIVING. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! :D Kat and Rak laughed at me cos i was skippping/dancing back to my seat. Danica was trying to play Pacman. OHHH. I PHOTOBOMBED HER!!!!!!!!!! PHOTOBOMBING IS AWESOME. IT'S LIKE.. BOOM. AHAHAHAHA. I love the feeling of being unwanted. LOL. (SHIVANI - I WANT THOSE PHOTOS.. LOL) I had so much fun, i didn't even pay attention to BEAR GRYLLS. He has really weird nostrils, hae you noticed? Like Mr Peck's but BIGGER. YOU KNOWWWWW?! Oh yeah, Danica drew a really bad moustache and beard on me. LOL. I've got some pics for yaaa! ;D

- Lunch:
I hid my face from the world. LOL. Danica drew a mole on Yvy. It was EYE LINER, NOT SHARPIE.. AHAHAHAHA. I would've cried if it were Sharpie. Lmao. Yvy's mole was hotttttttt. Vivian asked me to walk her to her locker. It was then.. SHE GAVE ME HER FLOWER.. WHICH THEN BECAME THE ANAL STICKKK. LOL. ;D The stem was the anal stick, the.. bottom part of the flower became a female condom.. OH WAIT. THE ANAL STICK COULD ALSO BE A VAGINA STICK. You can choose between the two. :D Yvy and Jacqueline were watching Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging.. :9 :9 :9 Ah, so beautiful. The girl has a big nose but she has such nice skin. LOL. ;D She was was on Amazing Amazon. Ohhhhhhhhh. We took photos at the end of lunch. Ahehehe. Most of the pictures are on Facebook. ;D

- Digital media:
Digital media was a bludge. Bludgiest bludge ever. AHAHAHAHAHA. I even finish my work too! Oh damn. Well, we had fun. We took photos.. LOL. YVY DID. AHAHHAHAHA. THERE IS THIS REALLY AWESOME PHOTO. I won't be sharing it.. maybe in year 12... LMAO!!!!!!! That'd be hilarious. :)

- Maths:
FREE ICE BLOCKSSSS! I washed my moustache off too. ;D We didn't even do work! Instead.. we took some more photos. LOL. On Jacqueline's laptop. ARGH. HER NAME IS SO ANNOYING TO TYPE. I'M CALLING HER JT NOW. Okay. Yeahhhhhh. Julia takes weird pictures.. ahaha. ;D AHAHAHAHAHA. DISTORTION IS AWESOME. I WANNA BUY A WEBCAM JUST SO I CAN GO ON CAMEROID. LMAO. I need those pictures, JT. So that was the end of the school year. It was awesome. It was a lot better than i expected. LOL. :) THANKS GUYSSSSSSSSSSS. ;D

The train ride back to Cabra was nice.. funny.. err.. sad? LOL. I sat with JT, Liza, Vivian and Yvy. Yvy was trying to keep her sadness inside. I know you'll miss me. EVERYBODY DOES. LOL. ;D Yahhhhhhh. Liza told her not to cry.. or she'd cry too. We'd feel sorry for Yvy but we'd just laugh at Liza. HAHAHAHAHA. Yes, we gave each other hugs. THEN IT WAS GOODBYE. LOL. WELL, MORE OF A SEE YOU LATER BUT.. YEAH. LOL. I hit Liza with the anal stick and her leg was red.. ahehehehe. You should be honoured if you were incontact with the anal stick. LOL. ;D

What a year it has been. I've learnt so many things. For one.. i met this girl named Liza Chao. I learnt her name was spelt wrong and she wasn't Chinese but actually CAMBODIAN.. I LAUGHED SO MUCH. Cambodian. MY MUM CALLS ME CAMBODIAN COS I'M BLACK.. LIZA'S NOT BLACK!!! SO I ASSUME SHE'S CHINESE. I thought she was Chinese for a whole year.. wow. AHAHAHAHAHA. MM.. i'll list what i've learnt about everybody in the group. :)

Angela: She can stick her fist in her mouth.. AHAHAHAHAHAHA.
Danica: She really likes seaweed.
Genevieve: She looks good with short hair.
Grace: She can afford a jumping castle and has crazy hair.
Jacqueline: Errr.. she looks really ugly distorted... ROFLMAO!
Margaret: She can give everything a sexual meaning. ;) ANAL STICK.. LOL. Mm... :9
Vanessa: She really likes moustaches and boys.
Vivian: Cross stitching is her thangggg.
Wendy: Just like Margaret, she's ready for any picture.. AHAHAHAHA. (Y)
Yvy: This girl is insane. Oh, i knew that. She make really good spinning trees. 'MY NAME'S YVY.' AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHA.

well.. most of you.
See you soon!