I have bitch face syndrome.

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December 31, 2009 // 2:12 PM

Yesterday’s episode of Cold Case was freaking awesome. Not the first one, but the second. Omg. It was so good. I had a tear in my eye.. OKAY. MORE THAN THAT.. BUT THAT’S JUST THE MAN I AM. POOR LITTLE JAMES WAS GETTING BASHED AFTER STANDING UP FOR HIMSELF, OKAY?! This would be such a good time for a sad face. Seriously, it was so good. Ah.

I haven’t seen Cold Case dvds around. Maybe they are... i haven’t really looked. I ONLY STARTED WATCHING IT A FEW WEEKS AGO, OKAY?! I WILL FIND IT THOUGH.. WITH THE EPISODE FROM YESTERDAY ON IT. AHHHHH. Did anyone even watch it?! Oh man.. -sigh- The guy that died was so smart, kind, weird and awesome. Even though the story was fictional, I wonder if there’s a person like that out there. I’d totally marry him. Ahahaha.

‘Girls cut themselves, guys fight.’

I WANNA FIGHT!!! AHAHAHA. LOOKS FUN. Just back away from the teeth. My teeth are already as bad as it is. I’d probably get owned.. BUT IT’D BE FUN.. getting ow.. never mind.

‘Do you feel alive?’

AH, SUCH A GOOD EPISODE! Wow.. i’m getting excited over a tv show. Great. Shows what kind of loser i am.

Anyways, it’s actually the end of 2009 today. Anyone have anything planned? Of course you do, you have a life. I planned on riding my brother’s scooter to the park to engage on an awesome activity called photography? Oh, i didn’t even sound remotely smart thee. YES, I TRIED TO SOUND SMART. AHAHAHA. (insert sad face)

I’m actually writing goals for 2010. Not New Year’s Resolutions. Because, on Sunrise they said your New Year’s Resolutions are sure to fail so i made goals instead. THAT’S RIGHT, I’M SMART. LOL.

OMG. I TOTALLY HAD THE WEIRDEST DREAM LAST NIGHT. I dreamt i was having lunch with Ivy and that guy from Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging. I THOUGHT IT WAS REAL. I woke up thinking ‘did i really have lunch with him?’ WOAHHH!!! IT WAS AN EPIC DREAM. HE WAS SO NICE. AHAHAHAHA. Too bad he has an ugly old hag of a fiancé. But hey, that just means there’s hope for the ugly girls. Yep, some day a hot boy will want to marry us.. just like that ugly old woman. What an inspiration. ROFL. Inspirational.. BUT I STILL HATE HER!! AHAHAHA.

My posters are beginning to come down. Stupid Blu tac! I’m getting bored of my band posters. I want posters of models. My mum will probably think i’m crazy. BOY CRAZY. Then i’ll say i’m just releasing my inner beast. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! UNBUTTON, UNZIP AND RELEASE. RELEASE THE BEAST. Yeah.. i came up with this phrase when i really, REALLY needed to pee. LOL.

Isn’t Ash Stymest just beautiful? I can stare at my wallpaper all day. I did just now for five minutes straight. Mhmm. A whole five minutes. Haha.

I RODE A SCOOTER YESTERDAY.. cos I'm a bad ass. Ahaha. I planned on riding to the park and taking pictures of random stuff but.. the weather is depressing so i don't wanna go. MAYBE TOMORROW.. ON THE FIRST DAY OF THE NEW YEAR. YEAHHHHH.

OH YEAH. NEVER WEAR STRAIGHT LEGS. They make you look short and fat, well.. they made me look short and fat. They weren't actually straight legs.. just skinny.. super skinny is the best.. ahahah. MY HIPS ARE BIG, OKAY?! Ah, i bought these Lee jeans from a few months ago. I only wore them two days ago. THEY'RE SO.. THE LEG IS SO BIG. THEY'RE NOT TIGHT ENOUGH. If you wear really tight jeans for a really long time.. you feel lonely without them.. not hugging onto you.. ahahaha. BUT REALLY.. they made me look fat. It was fate when i spilled frozen coke on them.

I’m gonna end it here. Cherish the last day of 2009 guys. See ya.