I have bitch face syndrome.

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January 12, 2010 // 8:55 PM

Today i went to Parra. Mhmm. Only bought a calender, plain white shirt and leads. I bought two shirts from Myer but my mum told me to return them. Ah. It was from Dangerfield. 2 for $50. Nothing interesting really. I bought a bottle of water as well from Cotton On. I only bought it cos the guy serving me was nice and it was for charity. Ahahaha. I SAW WENDY AND FULLED SCREAMED.. BUT THEN.. she didn't hear me so i called her a fat crap. SHE DIDN'T HEAR THAT.. DID SHE?! LOL. ;D

LIZA CHAO'S IS TOMORROW. I'll probably get to danica's house at 9:30.. AHAHAHAHAHAHA.. she won't even be awake but still.. i'll go look for her diary while she's asleep. Woo! I wonder what juicy gossip i will discover. >:D I GOTTA DEVISE MY PARTY PLAYLIST. Okay. I can't be bothered. BRING YOUR IPODS!

OH. GUESS WHAT?! I cut my cuticles. AHAHAHAHA. I didn't even know what cuticles were before. So i was really confused. :S MM.. THERE'S NOTHING TO BLOG ABOUT. D: