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January 25, 2010 // 7:10 PM

I went to Ingleburn to see Michelle. I waited for 10 minutes and i went crazy. OH! Also! When i was on the train, this old Cambodian woman (THAT'S RIGHT, I KNOW CAMBODIAN.. AHAHA) asked me if she could use my phone IN CAMBODIAN. OMG!!!!!!!!! LIZA CHAO IS CAMBODIAN.. AHAHAHAHAHA. Anywayyyyy, I let her use my phone twice.. AND I WAS KIND ENOUGH TO REJECT HER MONEY. Mhmmm. LOL.

I don't think this will be in the right order. Ahahaha.

ent to the library and read magazines but mainly CLEO. I officially know how to give a good blow job but won't be testing out my knowledge anytime soon. FLAVOURED LUBE AND VEINY PENIS!!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh yes. The upper lip stimulates the clitoris or something.. LMAO.

We went to two secondhand stores. They smelt funny. I FOUND A CHANEL BAG.. it kinda looked fake cos of the button thing.. YOU KNOW WHERE THE CHANEL THING IS SUPPOSED TO BE?! Tere was this golden button. The lining inside died and stuff too but it was real leather so.. IT WAS $5. LOL. There was no reviving it though.

Ohhh, saw Danica's dad's sexy iballoon truck. Yuh-huh. Took a picture baby. AHAHAHAHA.

What elseeee.. OH YES. OUR FOOD AND DRINK. ;D We went to Subway and had Seafood Sensations. ;D IT WAS YUMMY. :9 And we had slurpees. I had a small one she had a regular cos they ran out. TOO MUCH SUGAR.

WE VISITED THE SECONDHAND BOOK STORE TOO!! So many books. Made me dizzy. @_@

Overall, we had a beautiful date and forgot to take pictures. ;)