I have bitch face syndrome.

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January 17, 2010 // 8:46 PM

Okay. I can't be bothered typing up what i did on Friday. Well... ALL OF IT.. lol.

I started triple 8 on Friday. It's pretty alright. I feel behind of the class though.. cos.. well. I'm dumb and my vocabulary bank isn't very broad. Sad, huh? I know. That's why i've decided to read. Bloody hell. I started the homework.. and i'm reading this passage. Oh. My. Gosh. I have to go on google and use define:. Oh dear. Save us all. I am so stupid. -sigh- I need to start science too. Ah.

Enough of my complaining.. and onto what i did today. In the morning i had tutor.. i learnt the basics or parabolas. I have learnt.. I DRAW.. REALLY, REALLY UGLY. LOL. The line was suppose to be like.. curved.. i did something pointy. Ahahahaha. :S

I like pie with tomato sauce. Mmm.. i went to Ivy and Andy's house today. Ah, so fun teasing Andy about his hot little girlfriend. Reowwwww. I'd have some of that anytime, baby. Hmm.. OHHHH. WE WENT ON YOUTUBE AND WATCHED SELENA GOMEZ DO HER STUFF. Ah, so fun. Yay. Andy's gonna teach me how to play drums for free. He'll probably be a crap teacher anyways. AHAHAHA. :D If you're reading this Andy: Your girlfriend is hot. Next time i have your phone i'll text her for you. I know. I'm a wonderful friend. You should be grateful. NOW GO MAKE ME A PIE.

I have a pimple near my lip and it looks disgusting. Yes, you really did need to know that.

How the hell am i supposed to work with this lopsided labia?! PATHETIC. AHAHAHAHA..

Only because i'm a bad ass: