I have bitch face syndrome.

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January 20, 2010 // 8:22 PM

Why did my counter reset.. OH MAN. AHAHAHA. I'm gonna have low views.. i had like.. a view rush or something before so it made me look like a was awesome.. but now.. i'm back to.. 2. Sad. Ahahaha.

I haven't been doing much today. I RAGED A LOT. AHAHAHA. I was supposed to go to Ivy's house but no. They have tutoring. So i'm gonna go tomorrow.. AND I'M GONNA BUY BACK TO SCHOOL STUFF. I even researched. Turns out, Big W is cheaper than Officeworks. I think. I've always loved Big W. :,) OH YEAH.. i'm gonna attempt to learn how to play the drums. AHAHAHA. I'll look so bad ass, and since i'm pretty pms-y.. rage time. I hope Andy doesn't kill me for killing his drums.. even though that'd be fair.

Dear Liza of the Chao,
I heard you found the water balloon i left in your headless pot. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. AHAHAHAHA. We have to continue planning our epic sweet sixteen. Sweet sixteen sounds so.. pink. LOL. YOU KNOW?!?!!?! SOUNDS LIKE MARY KATE AND ASHLEY WHEN THEY WERE YOUNGER. Maybe it's just me. Anyways, happy birthday.. eight months early. :D

I'M GONNA DO MY HOMEWORK NOW.. and make.. stuff for my books.. BEAUTIFYING MY BOOKS BABY. AHAHAHAHA. A triangle for maths!!! I'm a genius.