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January 7, 2010 // 4:52 PM

Woah, Drop Dead had like a makeover or something. I haven't been on the site for a really long time. Wow, it's really pretty. Ahahaha.

I had an interesting day with Vivian. She came to my house and we were driven to Cabra. Cabra is so goddamn boring. Ahahaha. We went to Woolworths and did nothing. Of course we did more than that.. i just can't be bothered going into FULL DETAIL. LOL. But when we decided to back to my house.. we stopped by Danica's. It was fun.. just a little awkward. TETRIS. WOOO!

I won't be going anywhere tomorrow. Goodness me. D: Unless Danica lets me come over again. Ah, so boring these holidays. I should go buy a skateboard when Ivy comes back. THEN WE CAN RIDE TOGETHER INTO THE SUNSET. AHAHAHAHAHAHA. Just joking. Lol.