I have bitch face syndrome.

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February 22, 2010 // 7:16 PM

Cho tet was fun but it took ages to get there! So crowded! It was probably cos I came too late. I got there at around 8:20? I met up with Vanessa and Grace but ended up ditching them. :S Sorry guys. I haven’t seen Michelle in a while. :$ SHE WINS MICHELLE, SHE WINS. Ohhhh. I was then with Michelle, Maejoy and Christine but then we found Jennifer! Michelle called Gabby a few times and finally called back. SHE WAS HAVING SOME WITH HER BOYFRIEND IN THE PARKING LOT. AHAHAHAHAHA! Maejoy and Christine left for a bit to look for coupons for the rides or something? Yahhhhh. MICHELLE WAS HIGH and kept calling me her beautiful or lovely... oh my. LOL. WE ALSO STALKED GABBY’S BOYFRIEND’S EX. It was funny. She’s short and wears revealing clothes. LETS LAUGH. I’m joking. :D From then on we went to that ride and stood there. Yep, then i went home. It was fun. I just described it so crap-ily.


In the morning i full got ready and ‘prepared’. :) When i got to the shop Ivy, Andy and Nick were already there. We left straight away. Ivy met Youliana at the station while i went to buy muesli bars which i wouldn’t end up eating anyways. :S

The train ride was fun. Hmm... we caught the train from Cabra to Granvillle. CITYRAIL’S SITE DIED. AHAHAHAHA. Oh, Ivy was reading the newspaper and there was this article on ‘how a hunt for a serial killer went stale’. There was a picture of the victim and she full looked crazy. LIKE.. EYES POPPING AND MOUTH WIDE OPEN. HAHAHAHA!! I know, i’m horrible but trust me, you’d understand if you saw it. :D

Andy kept texting his girlfriend and Nick copied everything he texted. OHHHH, ANDY’S GIRLFRIEND DOESN’T LOVE HIM. POOR THING. :,( LOL. She doesn’t even shower naked. How very strange. Oh, i had a prank caller as well and it turned out the be Kelvin. ‘Hey angewl’. AHAHAHA. I think i wasted his credit. :$

WHEN WE FINALLY GOT TO BLACKTOWN THERE WEREN’T ANY ASIANS AROUND. Some people seemed very... err... enthusiastic. :D On the bus this guy started chanting ‘SOUNDWAVE SOUNDWAVE SOUNDWAVE’ but no one joined him... LOL!

CLOSURE IN MOSCOW DIDN’T EVEN TURN UP SO WE JUST STAYED FOR SUNNY DAY REAL ESTATE. D: Man, it would’ve been bloody awesome if they actually did turn up. They’re so good. :(
Max Helyer is so fat now. Well, fatter than before. HE USED TO BE SUCH A SEX GOD. LMAO. AWWWW. MATT IS SOOOOOO MUCH CUTER IN REAL LIFE. HUBBAHUBBA. I FILMED SOME YOU ME AT SIX. Such crappy quality. WIDESCREEN WAS TURNED OFF. NOOOOOO!! :( I should’ve brought my camera. ARGH. I wouldn’t have lost it. Ah, too bad. All i have is memories now. D: Ahahaha. Josh is so sexyyyy. Mm... :9 I screamed.. BUT ONLY ONCE. I SWEAR. AHAHAHAHAHAHA. KISS AND TELLL EVERYBODY ELSEEEEE..

EMAROSA WAS SEXYYYYYYYYYY. OHLALA. Jonny took his shirt off. Reow. AHAHAHAHAHA. I could barely hear him though. D: I could only make out what he was saying. HIS HAIR IS SO ORANGE. O, his voice is so nice. :$ Jumping up and down is so tiring. My shoes got full dirty and brown. My clothes started getting dirty as well.

We then moved onto Alexisonfire. Well, we came realllllyyy early for Paramore. ALEXISONFIRE WAS SO CRAZY. PEOPLE KEPT PUSHING AND THE WORSE THING IS.. the people pushing were topless, sweaty men. Some fat, some buff. All of them, hairy. A LOT OF BALLS WERE RUBBED ON MY ASS. JEEZ. GET YOUR HUGE DICK OFF ME!! :( I WAS HAVING DRY BUTT SEX. AHAHAHAHA. Jeez, i know i'm sexy but you knowwww.. lol

Paramore was also crazy. This girl tried crowd surfing out.. so heavy. It was not worth it going to Paramore. Bloody hell. Should've gone to see the Architects. I filmed some Paramore but then you can't really hear anything but people screaming. THERE WAS THIS GUY WHO WAS REALLY EXCITED FOR PARAMORE.. HE WAS FULL CHANTING AND CRAP. AHAHAHAHAHA. He was big, hairy and sweaty. I WAS NOT READY FOR MY DEATH. Hahaha. WE LOST ANDY IN THE CROWD AS WELL. THAT WUSSY. AHAHAHAHAHA. Youliana was squashed. Poor girl almost rubbed her face into hairy armpit. Sweaty armpit. Yummy. :9 And this man kept rubbing Nick's back and asking if he was okay.. AHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Ivy wasn't the only one that got hit on.. lol

I was seriously so tired after that. I felt kinda dizzy and chucked my bottle sooo.. yeah. I HAD TO BUY WATER. WELL.. CRAP. D: I OWE YOULIANA $3 AND SHE HAS MY HAT.. HAHAHA. I bought gozleme which cost me.. $8. SO FREAKING EXPENSIVE. :( :( After i finished eating i had to lay down and Nick kept hitting me in the face and my arms. That. Little. Hoe. OMG. SPEAKING OF HOE. ANDY HAS A VAGINA SHIRT. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I NEED ONE OF THOSE. MM.. we kept stroking his shirt. SO beautiful. His vagina has teeth. Even sexier.

All Time Low.. well.. we walked past and there were so many girls. I was scared. DANCE GAVIN DANCE WAS HEAPS GOOD THOUGH. THE GUY DANCES SO.. HOT-LY. MMM.. i filmed him as well.. but my speaker died or something so.. yeah. :\ HE SANG UNEASY HEART WEIGH THE MOST. AHH. ;D It was funny when everyone was yelling 'i'm down with brown town'. :D OHHH. HE ALSO JUMPED INTO THE CROWD. THAT BEAST. Oh yeah, the gang split up. :)

WE STAYED FOR THE AQUABATS. We didn't even know who they were but they were really fun. AHAHAHAHA. WOW. WOW. WOW... LMAO. You wouldn't get it unless i showed you. He full interacted with the audience and stuff. They all wore hugging suits. So attractive. Their man boobs turned me on. LOL. Oh, he also did something the circle of love? LOL. I THINK HE MIGHT'VE MADE IT UP ON THE SPOT. AHAHAHAHAHA. Then, there was this ride in the background.. it was like.. a bouncing ball. Then he was like 'LOOK! A 3 DIMANESIONAL VERSION OF THE CIRCLE OF LOVE'. Man, that guy is hilarious. OHHH. HE DID 3 BACKFLIPS. AHAHAHAHA. PROOOO. I WANNA LEARN HOW TO DO THAT!!! :D

Then it was the Almost. The guy jumped into the crowd as well. There was this girl that kept singing.. THE WHOLE TIME. She knew the lyrics to all of the songs. Talk about skilled. My phone then died. It was so bloody hot. The man shot water in my eye. Asshole. I WAS WANTED TO GET WET NOT GET SHOT IN THE EYE. HAHAHA.

AFTER THIS.. IT WAS TIME FOR A DAY TO REMEMBER. Lets skip the waiting and move onto getting squished. It was freaking crowded. 5000 people. They were so good. I CROWD SURFED. SO DID IVY. They were really rough luckily this girl noticed we were dying so she asked if we wanted to get out then she called some boys to lift us up. this guy lifted me up and lost his grip and scratched my boob. TOO BAD IT WON'T SCAR. :( 'How'd you get that scar? CROWD SURFING, BIATCH!' SEE. HOW COOL THAT SOUNDS?! It was so beautiful when i landed into the security guard's arms. Ahaha. I WAS REALLY.. TIRED so i was walking kinda slow and the man full pushed me. Hahaha. Ah, so, so good. :D

Andy got lost so we just waited around for him. TOOK SOOOOOOOO LONG! It was like 20 minutes after till he found us. He got lost in the crowd a few times cos he's too scared to push. I ELBOWED THIS BOY.. POOR THING. D: We tried looking for Youliana but we failed so we just left.

WE COULDN'T FIND IVY'S DAD. OMG. D: We just sat near the front gate. Ivy borrowed this girl's phone but her dad didn't pick up. So we just there for a while and the girls offered the phone again! HOW KIND. :D :D :D We failed to call her dad but we got to my mummy. :D THEN SHE CALLED IVY'S DAD. ;D

We walked to the back gate and yeah. tried to look for him but it failed. We full went up.. then back down. I asked this girl for her phone.. ahahaha. ;D THEN I ASKED THIS CUTE GUY FOR THE TIME THEN HIS PHONE. How brave of me. Ah. :)


I think concerts would be a great way to make friends with all the pulling, grabbing and all. AHAHAHAHA. AWW, too bad the mutt didn’t come. Man, that would’ve been pretty awesome. Haha. YOU CAN TOUCH SEXY PEOPLE ALL YOU WANT AND THEY WON'T CARE.. mmm.. hehe.